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       Eliom_content_core.Html5.Custom_data - Type-safe custom data for HTML5.


       Module   Eliom_content_core.Html5.Custom_data


       Module Custom_data
        : sig end

       Type-safe custom data for HTML5. See the .

       type 'a t

       Custom data with values of type 'a .

       val  create  : name:string -> ?default:'a -> to_string:('a -> string) -> of_string:(string
       -> 'a) -> unit -> 'a t

       Create a custom data field by providing string conversion functions.  If  the  default  is
       provided, calls to  return that instead of throwing an exception Not_found .

       val create_json : name:string -> ?default:'a -> 'a Deriving_Json.t -> 'a t

       Create a custom data from a Json-deriving type.

       val attrib : 'a t -> 'a -> [> `User_data ] Eliom_content_core.Html5.attrib

       attrib my_data value creates a HTML5 attribute for the custom-data type my_data with value
       value for injecting it into an a HTML5 tree ().