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       Eliom_content_core.Xml - Low-level XML manipulation.


       Module   Eliom_content_core.Xml


       Module Xml
        : sig end

       Low-level XML manipulation.

       include Xml_sigs.Iterable

       Base functions Cf. .

       === Unique nodes ===

       === Unique nodes are XML nodes that are manipulated 'by reference' when sent to the client
       part of an Eliom-application: the created element is  allocated  only  one  time  in  each
       instance    of    an    application.   See   {%   <<a_manual   chapter="clientserver-html"
       fragment="unique" |the eliom manual>> %} for more details. ===

       === Event handlers ===

       type -#Dom_html.event caml_event_handler

       Values of type 'a caml_event_handler represents event handler build with  the  {{  ...  }}
       syntax  (see  the  Eliom  manual  for  more  information on ). Such values are expected by
       functions like Eliom_service.on_load or Eliom_content.Html5.a_onclick . The type parameter
       is the type of the javascript event expected by the handler, for example  or .

       val wrap : elt -> 'a -> 'a Eliom_wrap.wrapped_value

       Eliom_content.Xml.wrap  page  v is like Eliom_wrap.wrap v but it makes sure that all elt s
       in v which are included in page are sent with empty content. This  is  safe  because  such
       elements will be taken from the DOM on the client either ways.