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       Eliom_s2s - Server-to-Server communication module.


       Module   Eliom_s2s


       Module Eliom_s2s
        : sig end

       Server-to-Server  communication module.  Provides general function to communicate to other
       servers using post or get request.

       val format_url : string -> (string * string) list -> string

       Format a url with a base and GET parameters

       val do_get_request : ?params:(string * string)  list  ->  string  ->  Ocsigen_http_frame.t

       Do a get request towards a given url

       val  push_ns : ?sep:string -> ?namespace_param:string * 'a -> string -> (string * 'a) list
       -> (string * 'a) list

       Given a list of (param, value) to be sent to the remote server, push a  namespace  at  the
       beginning of the parameters

       val  find_in_ns  : ?namespace_param:string -> ?default_namespace:string -> 'a -> (string *
       'a) list -> (string * 'a) list

       Finds some parameters in a namespace, identified by its url.  You can  specify  a  default
       namespace, so find_in_ns do not fail when the url is not found.

       val strip_ns : string -> (string * string) list -> (string * string) list

       Retrieves parameters beginning with the specified namespace and strips it.

       val parse_key_pairs : string -> (string * string) list

       Parse an answer in the Key-Value form : foo:bar foobar:value

       val direct_request : (string * string) list -> string -> (string * string) list Lwt.t

       Perform a direct (POST) request towards a server, and parse the result as key-value data