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       Eliom_tools_common -  Menus


       Module   Eliom_tools_common


       Module Eliom_tools_common
        : sig end


       type  ('a,  [<  Eliom_service.registrable  ],  [<  Eliom_registration.non_caml_service  ])
       one_page = (unit, unit, 'a, [ `WithoutSuffix ], unit, unit, [< Eliom_service.registrable ]
       as 'b, [< Eliom_registration.non_caml_service ] as 'c) Eliom_service.service


       type     get_page     =     (Eliom_service.get_service_kind,    Eliom_service.registrable,
       Eliom_registration.non_caml_service) one_page

       type ('a, [< Eliom_service.registrable ], 'c) hierarchical_site_item =
        | Disabled
        | Site_tree of ('a, [< Eliom_service.registrable ] as 'b, 'c) hierarchical_site

       Hierchical sites

       type ('a, [< Eliom_service.registrable ]) main_page =
        |     Main_page     of     ('a,     [<     Eliom_service.registrable     ]     as     'b,
       Eliom_registration.non_caml_service) one_page
        | Default_page of ('a, 'b, Eliom_registration.non_caml_service) one_page
        | Not_clickable

       type   ('a,   [<   Eliom_service.registrable   ],   'c)   hierarchical_site   =   ('a,  [<
       Eliom_service.registrable ] as 'b) main_page * ('c * ('a, 'b, 'c)  hierarchical_site_item)

       ===  The type of hierarchical sites.  A hierarchical site is a pair (main page, subpages).
       The difference between Main_page, Default_page  and  Not_clickable  is  a  bit  subtle:  -
       Main_page  is  when  you want to create a main page for your subsite. All the subpages are
       subsections of that page.  - Default_page is like Main_page but is not taken into  account
       for  computing which is the current page in the menu.  Use it for example when there is no
       main page, but you want one of the subpages to be the default page for your subsite.   The
       service  you use as default page must appear another time in the subtree!  - Not_clickable
       is when you do not want the menu entry to be a link but you want subpages.   Each  subpage
       is  defined  by  the  text  to be displayed in menus and a hierarchical_site_item.  If the
       latter is Disabled, the menu entry is disabled. ===