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       Globus::GRAM::Error - GRAM Protocol Error Constants


       The Globus::GRAM::Error module defines symbolic names for the Error constants in the GRAM

       The Globus::GRAM::Error module methods return an object consisting of an integer erorr
       code, and (optionally) a string explaining the error.

       $error = new Globus::GRAM::Error($number, $string);
           Create a new error object with the given error number and string description. This is
           called by the error-specific factory methods described below.

           Return the error string associated with a Globus::GRAM::Error object.

           Return the integer error code associated with a Globus::GRAM::Error object.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::PARAMETER_NOT_SUPPORTED()
           Create a new PARAMETER_NOT_SUPPORTED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_REQUEST()
           Create a new INVALID_REQUEST GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::NO_RESOURCES()
           Create a new NO_RESOURCES GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_DIRECTORY()
           Create a new BAD_DIRECTORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::EXECUTABLE_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new EXECUTABLE_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS()
           Create a new INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::AUTHORIZATION()
           Create a new AUTHORIZATION GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::USER_CANCELLED()
           Create a new USER_CANCELLED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::SYSTEM_CANCELLED()
           Create a new SYSTEM_CANCELLED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::PROTOCOL_FAILED()
           Create a new PROTOCOL_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STDIN_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new STDIN_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CONNECTION_FAILED()
           Create a new CONNECTION_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_MAXTIME()
           Create a new INVALID_MAXTIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_COUNT()
           Create a new INVALID_COUNT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::NULL_SPECIFICATION_TREE()
           Create a new NULL_SPECIFICATION_TREE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JM_FAILED_ALLOW_ATTACH()
           Create a new JM_FAILED_ALLOW_ATTACH GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOB_EXECUTION_FAILED()
           Create a new JOB_EXECUTION_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_PARADYN()
           Create a new INVALID_PARADYN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_JOBTYPE()
           Create a new INVALID_JOBTYPE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_GRAM_MYJOB()
           Create a new INVALID_GRAM_MYJOB GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_SCRIPT_ARG_FILE()
           Create a new BAD_SCRIPT_ARG_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::ARG_FILE_CREATION_FAILED()
           Create a new ARG_FILE_CREATION_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_JOBSTATE()
           Create a new INVALID_JOBSTATE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SCRIPT_REPLY()
           Create a new INVALID_SCRIPT_REPLY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SCRIPT_STATUS()
           Create a new INVALID_SCRIPT_STATUS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOBTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED()
           Create a new JOBTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::UNIMPLEMENTED()
           Create a new UNIMPLEMENTED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::TEMP_SCRIPT_FILE_FAILED()
           Create a new TEMP_SCRIPT_FILE_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::USER_PROXY_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new USER_PROXY_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_USER_PROXY()
           Create a new OPENING_USER_PROXY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOB_CANCEL_FAILED()
           Create a new JOB_CANCEL_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::MALLOC_FAILED()
           Create a new MALLOC_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::DUCT_INIT_FAILED()
           Create a new DUCT_INIT_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::DUCT_LSP_FAILED()
           Create a new DUCT_LSP_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_HOST_COUNT()
           Create a new INVALID_HOST_COUNT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::UNSUPPORTED_PARAMETER()
           Create a new UNSUPPORTED_PARAMETER GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_QUEUE()
           Create a new INVALID_QUEUE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_PROJECT()
           Create a new INVALID_PROJECT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_EVALUATION_FAILED()
           Create a new RSL_EVALUATION_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_RSL_ENVIRONMENT()
           Create a new BAD_RSL_ENVIRONMENT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::DRYRUN()
           Create a new DRYRUN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::ZERO_LENGTH_RSL()
           Create a new ZERO_LENGTH_RSL GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STAGING_EXECUTABLE()
           Create a new STAGING_EXECUTABLE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STAGING_STDIN()
           Create a new STAGING_STDIN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_JOB_MANAGER_TYPE()
           Create a new INVALID_JOB_MANAGER_TYPE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_ARGUMENTS()
           Create a new BAD_ARGUMENTS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::GATEKEEPER_MISCONFIGURED()
           Create a new GATEKEEPER_MISCONFIGURED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_RSL()
           Create a new BAD_RSL GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::VERSION_MISMATCH()
           Create a new VERSION_MISMATCH GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_ARGUMENTS()
           Create a new RSL_ARGUMENTS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_COUNT()
           Create a new RSL_COUNT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_DIRECTORY()
           Create a new RSL_DIRECTORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_DRYRUN()
           Create a new RSL_DRYRUN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_ENVIRONMENT()
           Create a new RSL_ENVIRONMENT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_EXECUTABLE()
           Create a new RSL_EXECUTABLE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_HOST_COUNT()
           Create a new RSL_HOST_COUNT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_JOBTYPE()
           Create a new RSL_JOBTYPE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MAXTIME()
           Create a new RSL_MAXTIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MYJOB()
           Create a new RSL_MYJOB GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_PARADYN()
           Create a new RSL_PARADYN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_PROJECT()
           Create a new RSL_PROJECT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_QUEUE()
           Create a new RSL_QUEUE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_STDERR()
           Create a new RSL_STDERR GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_STDIN()
           Create a new RSL_STDIN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_STDOUT()
           Create a new RSL_STDOUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_JOBMANAGER_SCRIPT()
           Create a new OPENING_JOBMANAGER_SCRIPT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CREATING_PIPE()
           Create a new CREATING_PIPE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::FCNTL_FAILED()
           Create a new FCNTL_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STDOUT_FILENAME_FAILED()
           Create a new STDOUT_FILENAME_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STDERR_FILENAME_FAILED()
           Create a new STDERR_FILENAME_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::FORKING_EXECUTABLE()
           Create a new FORKING_EXECUTABLE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::EXECUTABLE_PERMISSIONS()
           Create a new EXECUTABLE_PERMISSIONS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_STDOUT()
           Create a new OPENING_STDOUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_STDERR()
           Create a new OPENING_STDERR GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_CACHE_USER_PROXY()
           Create a new OPENING_CACHE_USER_PROXY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_CACHE()
           Create a new OPENING_CACHE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INSERTING_CLIENT_CONTACT()
           Create a new INSERTING_CLIENT_CONTACT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CLIENT_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new CLIENT_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CONTACTING_JOB_MANAGER()
           Create a new CONTACTING_JOB_MANAGER GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_JOB_CONTACT()
           Create a new INVALID_JOB_CONTACT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::UNDEFINED_EXE()
           Create a new UNDEFINED_EXE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CONDOR_ARCH()
           Create a new CONDOR_ARCH GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CONDOR_OS()
           Create a new CONDOR_OS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MIN_MEMORY()
           Create a new RSL_MIN_MEMORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MAX_MEMORY()
           Create a new RSL_MAX_MEMORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_MIN_MEMORY()
           Create a new INVALID_MIN_MEMORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_MAX_MEMORY()
           Create a new INVALID_MAX_MEMORY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::HTTP_FRAME_FAILED()
           Create a new HTTP_FRAME_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::HTTP_UNFRAME_FAILED()
           Create a new HTTP_UNFRAME_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::HTTP_PACK_FAILED()
           Create a new HTTP_PACK_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::HTTP_UNPACK_FAILED()
           Create a new HTTP_UNPACK_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_JOB_QUERY()
           Create a new INVALID_JOB_QUERY GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::SERVICE_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new SERVICE_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOB_QUERY_DENIAL()
           Create a new JOB_QUERY_DENIAL GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::CALLBACK_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new CALLBACK_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::BAD_GATEKEEPER_CONTACT()
           Create a new BAD_GATEKEEPER_CONTACT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::POE_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new POE_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::MPIRUN_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new MPIRUN_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_START_TIME()
           Create a new RSL_START_TIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_RESERVATION_HANDLE()
           Create a new RSL_RESERVATION_HANDLE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MAX_WALL_TIME()
           Create a new RSL_MAX_WALL_TIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_MAX_WALL_TIME()
           Create a new INVALID_MAX_WALL_TIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_MAX_CPU_TIME()
           Create a new RSL_MAX_CPU_TIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_MAX_CPU_TIME()
           Create a new INVALID_MAX_CPU_TIME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JM_SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new JM_SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JM_SCRIPT_PERMISSIONS()
           Create a new JM_SCRIPT_PERMISSIONS GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::SIGNALING_JOB()
           Create a new SIGNALING_JOB GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::UNKNOWN_SIGNAL_TYPE()
           Create a new UNKNOWN_SIGNAL_TYPE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::GETTING_JOBID()
           Create a new GETTING_JOBID GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::WAITING_FOR_COMMIT()
           Create a new WAITING_FOR_COMMIT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::COMMIT_TIMED_OUT()
           Create a new COMMIT_TIMED_OUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_SAVE_STATE()
           Create a new RSL_SAVE_STATE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_RESTART()
           Create a new RSL_RESTART GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_TWO_PHASE_COMMIT()
           Create a new RSL_TWO_PHASE_COMMIT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_TWO_PHASE_COMMIT()
           Create a new INVALID_TWO_PHASE_COMMIT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_STDOUT_POSITION()
           Create a new RSL_STDOUT_POSITION GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_STDOUT_POSITION()
           Create a new INVALID_STDOUT_POSITION GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_STDERR_POSITION()
           Create a new RSL_STDERR_POSITION GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_STDERR_POSITION()
           Create a new INVALID_STDERR_POSITION GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RESTART_FAILED()
           Create a new RESTART_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::NO_STATE_FILE()
           Create a new NO_STATE_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::READING_STATE_FILE()
           Create a new READING_STATE_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::WRITING_STATE_FILE()
           Create a new WRITING_STATE_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OLD_JM_ALIVE()
           Create a new OLD_JM_ALIVE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::TTL_EXPIRED()
           Create a new TTL_EXPIRED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::SUBMIT_UNKNOWN()
           Create a new SUBMIT_UNKNOWN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_REMOTE_IO_URL()
           Create a new RSL_REMOTE_IO_URL GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::WRITING_REMOTE_IO_URL()
           Create a new WRITING_REMOTE_IO_URL GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STDIO_SIZE()
           Create a new STDIO_SIZE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JM_STOPPED()
           Create a new JM_STOPPED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::USER_PROXY_EXPIRED()
           Create a new USER_PROXY_EXPIRED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOB_UNSUBMITTED()
           Create a new JOB_UNSUBMITTED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_COMMIT()
           Create a new INVALID_COMMIT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_SCHEDULER_SPECIFIC()
           Create a new RSL_SCHEDULER_SPECIFIC GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STAGE_IN_FAILED()
           Create a new STAGE_IN_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SCRATCH()
           Create a new INVALID_SCRATCH GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_CACHE()
           Create a new RSL_CACHE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SUBMIT_ATTRIBUTE()
           Create a new INVALID_SUBMIT_ATTRIBUTE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_STDIO_UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE()
           Create a new INVALID_STDIO_UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_RESTART_ATTRIBUTE()
           Create a new INVALID_RESTART_ATTRIBUTE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_FILE_STAGE_IN()
           Create a new RSL_FILE_STAGE_IN GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_FILE_STAGE_IN_SHARED()
           Create a new RSL_FILE_STAGE_IN_SHARED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_FILE_STAGE_OUT()
           Create a new RSL_FILE_STAGE_OUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_GASS_CACHE()
           Create a new RSL_GASS_CACHE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_FILE_CLEANUP()
           Create a new RSL_FILE_CLEANUP GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_SCRATCH()
           Create a new RSL_SCRATCH GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SCHEDULER_SPECIFIC()
           Create a new INVALID_SCHEDULER_SPECIFIC GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::UNDEFINED_ATTRIBUTE()
           Create a new UNDEFINED_ATTRIBUTE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_CACHE()
           Create a new INVALID_CACHE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_SAVE_STATE()
           Create a new INVALID_SAVE_STATE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::OPENING_VALIDATION_FILE()
           Create a new OPENING_VALIDATION_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::READING_VALIDATION_FILE()
           Create a new READING_VALIDATION_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_PROXY_TIMEOUT()
           Create a new RSL_PROXY_TIMEOUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_PROXY_TIMEOUT()
           Create a new INVALID_PROXY_TIMEOUT GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STAGE_OUT_FAILED()
           Create a new STAGE_OUT_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::JOB_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND()
           Create a new JOB_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::DELEGATION_FAILED()
           Create a new DELEGATION_FAILED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::LOCKING_STATE_LOCK_FILE()
           Create a new LOCKING_STATE_LOCK_FILE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_ATTR()
           Create a new INVALID_ATTR GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::NULL_PARAMETER()
           Create a new NULL_PARAMETER GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::STILL_STREAMING()
           Create a new STILL_STREAMING GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::AUTHORIZATION_DENIED()
           Create a new AUTHORIZATION_DENIED GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::AUTHORIZATION_SYSTEM_FAILURE()
           Create a new AUTHORIZATION_SYSTEM_FAILURE GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::AUTHORIZATION_DENIED_JOB_ID()
           Create a new AUTHORIZATION_DENIED_JOB_ID GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::AUTHORIZATION_DENIED_EXECUTABLE()

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::RSL_USER_NAME()
           Create a new RSL_USER_NAME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::INVALID_USER_NAME()
           Create a new INVALID_USER_NAME GRAM error.

       $error = Globus::GRAM::Error::LAST()
           Create a new LAST GRAM error.