Provided by: ivtools-dev_1.2.11a1-2_amd64 bug


       Glue, HGlue, VGlue - open space between interactors


       #include <InterViews/glue.h>


       A  glue  object  is  an  interactor  that  is  used  to define variable-size space between
       interactors in boxes.  The HGlue subclass is for space in  a  horizontal  box;  VGlue  for
       space in a vertical box.  Along its minor axis (vertical for HGlue, horizontal for VGlue),
       glue has a natural size of zero and infinite stretchability.


       HGlue(int natural = 0, int stretch = hfil)
       VGlue(int natural = 0, int stretch = vfil)
              Construct  glue  with  a  given  natural  size  and  stretchability.   The   glue's
              shrinkability  is defined to be the same as the natural size, meaning it can shrink
              to zero.

       HGlue(int natural, int shrink, int stretch)
       VGlue(int natural, int shrink, int stretch)
              Construct glue with a given natural size, shrinkability,  and  stretchability.   If
              shrink  is  larger  than  natural  the glue potentially can have ``negative size'',
              meaning interactors will overlap in a box.


       Box(3I), Interactor(3I), Shape(3I)