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       HTMLDocument::InitialTableData - Initial table data


       HTMLDocument::InitialTableData< >

     = InitialTableData([[String]] header,[[String]] footer,[[[String]]] sections)


       Initial  table data. This allows quick initialisation of unformatted HTML tables. Required
       formatting can then be added using the usual  methods  by  retrieving  references  to  the
       individual table cells.

       The  table data consists of a header section (which may be empty), a footer section (which
       may be empty), and a list of body sections  (of  which  at  least  one  must  exist).  All
       sections have the same format - a list of rows each of which is a list of cells.

       It is assumed that all rows have the same number of columns as the first row in the table,
       and cells overrunning this row length will be ignored.

    header = [["Version","Date"]];
    footer = [];
    body = [[["0.2.1","2006-11-15"],["0.2.2","2006-11-26"],["0.2.3","2006-12-04"]]];
    itd = InitialTableData(header,footer,body);

       This will generate the following table



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