Provided by: kaya_0.4.4-6ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       HTMLDocument::addLocalControlInput - Add a form submit button


       ElementTree  addLocalControlInput(  ElementTree  parent,  String  label, b(a) fn, a state,
       String prefix="" )


       parent The element to add the button to

       label The text for the button

       fn The function to call

       state The state to pass

       prefix An optional prefix to the control variables. Different components may use different
       prefixes, allowing multiple Webapp.runHandler (3kaya) functions.


       Create  a  submit  button  that calls a local function. This only works if added to a form
       created with HTMLDocument.addLocalForm (3kaya)


       Kaya standard library by Edwin Brady, Chris Morris  and  others  (  For
       further information see


       The Kaya standard library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1 or any later  version)  as
       published by the Free Software Foundation.


       HTMLDocument.addLocalForm (3kaya)
       HTMLDocument.addRemoteControlInput (3kaya)