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       Jifty::Client - Subclass of WWW::Mechanize with extra Jifty features


       This module is a base for building robots to interact with Jifty applications.  It
       currently contains much overlapping code with "Jifty::Test::WWW::Mechanize", except that
       it does not inherit from "Test::WWW::Mechanize".

       Expect this code to be refactored in the near future.


       Overrides WWW::Mechanize's "new" to automatically give the bot a cookie jar.

   moniker_for ACTION, FIELD1 => VALUE1, FIELD2 => VALUE2
       Finds the moniker of the first action of type ACTION whose "constructor" field FIELD1 is
       VALUE1, and so on.

   fill_in_action MONIKER, FIELD1 => VALUE1, FIELD2 => VALUE2, ...
       Finds the fields on the current page with the names FIELD1, FIELD2, etc in the MONIKER
       action, and fills them in.  Returns the HTML::Form object of the form that the action is
       in, or undef if it can't find all the fields.

       Returns the form (as an HTML::Form object) corresponding to the given moniker (which also
       contains inputs for the given argumentnames), and also selects it as the current form.
       Returns undef if it can't be found.

   action_field_value MONIKER, FIELD
       Finds the fields on the current page with the names FIELD in the action MONIKER, and
       returns its value, or undef if it can't be found.

   send_action CLASS ARGUMENT => VALUE, [ ... ]
       Sends a request to the server via the webservices API, and returns the Jifty::Result of
       the action.  "CLASS" specifies the class of the action, and all parameters thereafter
       supply argument keys and values.

       The URI of the page is unchanged after this; this is accomplished by using the "back
       button" after making the webservice request.

   fragment_request PATH ARGUMENT => VALUE, [ ... ]
       Makes a request for the fragment at PATH, using the webservices API, and returns the
       string of the result.

   field_error_text MONIKER, FIELD
       Finds the error span on the current page for the name FIELD in the action MONIKER, and
       returns the text (tags stripped) from it.  (If the field can't be found, return undef).

       WWW::Mechanize has a bug where it returns the wrong value for "uri" after redirect.  This
       fixes that.  See

       Returns the server-side Jifty::Web::Session object associated with this Mechanize object.

   continuation [ID]
       Returns the current continuation of the Mechanize object, if any.  Or, given an ID,
       returns the continuation with that ID.

       Returns the Jifty::CurrentUser object or descendant, if any.




       Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.  Jifty is distributed under
       the same terms as Perl itself.