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       Jifty::Collection - Collection of Jifty::Record objects


         package Foo::Model::BarCollection
         use base qw/Jifty::Collection/;


       This is a wrapper over Jifty::DBI::Collection that at the same time is a Jifty::Object.
       To use it, subclass it.

       Alternatively, an 'anonymous' collection can be made by creating a new "Jifty::Collection"
       object, and calling "record_class('Application::Model::Foo')" or similar on it.

       In addition, each Jifty::Collection includes a Data::Page object to help with calculations
       related to paged data.  You should not call the "first_row" and "rows_per_page" methods
       from Jifty::DBI::Collection on a Jifty::Collection.  Instead, if you'd like to use paging,
       you should use the "set_page_info" method to set the number of records per page and first
       record on the current page, and you should use the Data::Page object returned by the
       "pager" method to get information related to paging.


       Returns a Data::Page object associated with this collection.  This object defaults to 10
       entries per page.  You should use only use Data::Page methods on this object to get
       information about paging, not to set it; use "set_page_info" to set paging information.

       If your results from the query are guaranteed to be readable by current_user, you can
       create the collection with "results_are_readable => 1".  This causes check_read_rights to
       bypass normal current_user_can checks.

   as_search_action PARAMHASH
       Returns the Jifty::Action::Record::Search action for the model associated with this

       The PARAMHASH allows you to add additional parameters to pass to "new_action" in

       If "results_are_readable" is false, only add records to the collection that we can read
       (by checking "check_read_rights" in Jifty::Record). Otherwise, make sure all records added
       are readable.

       Defaults to ordering by the "id" column.

       This returns an array reference of the individual records that make up this collection.


       Jifty::DBI::Collection, Jifty::Object, Jifty::Record


       Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.  Jifty is distributed under
       the same terms as Perl itself.