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       Jifty::JSON -- Wrapper around JSON


         use Jifty::JSON qw/decode_json encode_json/;

         my $obj  = decode_json(q! { "x": "1", "y": "2", "z": "3" } !);
         my $json = encode_json($obj);


       Provides a thin wrapper around the JSON 2.xx library, which provides a frontend for
       JSON::XS and JSON::PP.

       This module used to wrap JSON::Syck and JSON 1.xx with special-casing for outputting JSON
       with single quoted values.  Single quotes make it easy to simply plop JSON into HTML
       attributes but are in violation of the JSON spec which mandates only double quoted

       The old behavior is now unsupported and it is recommended that you simply HTML escape your
       entire blob of JSON if you are sticking it in an HTML attribute.  You can use
       Jifty->web->escape() to properly escape problematic characters for HTML.


   decode_json JSON, [ARGUMENT HASHREF]
   encode_json JSON, [ARGUMENT HASHREF]
       These functions are just like JSON's, except that you can pass options to them like you
       can with JSON's "from_json" and "to_json" functions.

       By default they encode/decode using UTF8 (like JSON's functions of the same name), but you
       can turn that off by passing "utf8 => 0" in the options.  The allow_nonref flag is also
       enabled for backwards compatibility with earlier versions of this module.  It allows
       encoding/decoding of values that are not references.

       JSON is imported with the "-support_by_pp" flag in order to support all options that
       JSON::PP provides when using JSON::XS as the backend.  If you are concerned with speed, be
       careful what options you specify as it may cause the pure Perl backend to be used.  Read
       "JSON::PP SUPPORT METHODS" in JSON for more information.


   jsonToObj JSON, [ARGUMENTS]
   objToJson JSON, [ARGUMENTS]
       These functions are deprecated and provided for backwards compatibility.  They wrap the
       appropriate function above, but "croak" in Carp if you try to set the "singlequote"


       Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.  Jifty is distributed under
       the same terms as Perl itself.