Provided by: libjifty-perl_1.10518+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       Jifty::Param - Parameters for Jifty actions


       Describes a parameter to a "Jifty::Action" object.  Do not construct this by hand -- use
       Jifty::Param::Schema in the action package to declare parameters instead.

       Although this class is not derived from Jifty::Web::Form::Field, it does share the
       accessors from it; see Jifty::Web::Form::Field, for the list of possible keys that each
       parameter can have.

       In addition to the list there, you may use these additional keys:

           A boolean which, if set, indicates that the argument must be present in the
           "arguments" passed to create the action, rather than being expected to be set later.

           Defaults to false.

           An array reference.  Each element should be either:

           ·   A hash reference with a "display" field for the string to display for the value,
               and a "value" field for the value to actually send to the server.

           ·   A hash reference with a "collection" field containing a Jifty::Collection, and
               "display_from" and "value_from" fields containing the names of methods to call on
               each record in the collection to get "display" and "value".

           ·   A simple string, which is treated as both "display" and "value".

           Just like valid_values, but represents the list of suggested values, instead of the
           list of acceptable values.

           An integer of how the parameter sorts relative to other parameters.  This is usually
           implicitly generated by its declaration order.

       Creates a new Jifty::Param object.  Note that unlike Jifty::Web::Form::Field, the object
       is never magically reblessed into a subclass.  Should only be called implicitly from a
       Jifty::Param::Schema declaration.