Provided by: libjifty-perl_1.10518+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       Jifty::Plugin::CompressedCSSandJS - Compression of CSS and javascript files


       # In your jifty config.yml under the framework section:

           - CompressedCSSandJS:
               js: 1
               css: 1
               jsmin: /path/to/jsmin
               cdn: 'http://yourcdn.for.static.prefix/'
                   - complex.js
               generate_early: 1


       This plugin provides auto-compilation and on-wire compression of your application's CSS
       and Javascript. It is enabled by default, unless your "ConfigFileVersion" is greater or
       equal than 2.

       It also supports js minifier, you will need to specify the full path.  The jsmin can be
       obtained from <>.

       Note that you will need to use "ConfigFileVersion" 2 to be able to configure jsmin

       skipped_js is a list of js that you don't want to compress for some reason.

       generate_early tells the plugin to compress the CSS and JS at process start rather than on
       the first request.  This can save time, especially if your JS minifier is slow, for the
       poor sucker who makes the first request.  Enabled by default.

       Initializes the compression object. Takes a paramhash containing keys 'css' and 'js' which
       can be used to disable compression on files of that type.

       Returns whether JS compression is enabled (which it is by default)

       Returns whether CSS compression is enabled (which it is by default)


       Checks if the compressed CSS is generated, and if it isn't, generates and caches it. (In
       devel mode, it always regenerates it)


       Checks if the compressed JS is generated, and if it isn't, generates and caches it.


       Generates compressed javascript, ignoring the cache completely.

   minify_js \$js
       Runs the given JS through jsmin

       psgi app wrapper to serve url controlled by us