Provided by: libjifty-perl_1.10518+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       # In your jifty config.yml under the framework section:

           - Config:
               after_restart_url: '/'
               wait_seconds: 5
               config_url: '/__jifty/config'
               restart_url: '/__jifty/config/restart.html'
               nav_menu: 1

       This plugin lets you update etc/config.yml in web page.


       set after_restart_url, wait_seconds and config_url, default is '/', 5 and
       '/__jifty/config', respectively after_restart_url is the url where we will redirect to
       after restart wait_seconds are the seconds that we wait for before redirecting config_url
       is the url where we will update the config restart_url is the url where we actually do the
       restart, with a wait page setting nav_menu to 0 will stop this plugin from adding anything
       to your application's navigation menu