Provided by: libjifty-perl_1.10518+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       Jifty::Plugin::TestServerWarnings - Stores server warnings away for later fetching


       # In your jifty config.yml under the framework section:

           - TestServerWarnings:
               clear_screen: 1


       This plugin add a new appender Jifty::Plugin::TestServerWarnings::Appender on the first
       request it sees, which stores away all messages it receives.  It also removes the default
       "Screen" appender unless clear_screen in config.yml is set to be false or env TEST_VERBOSE
       is true.

       The warnings can be retrieved by a client-side process by calling "decoded_warnings" with
       a base URI to the server.

       This plugin is automatically added for all jifty tests.


       set clear_screen to 1 if the clear_screen in config.yml is set to be true, if it's not set
       at all, set it to 1 if TEST_VERBOSE is set to be true.

       On the first call to new_request, the plugin adjusts the appenders.  This causes it to
       only have effect if it is run in a forked server process, not in a test process.  If
       "TEST_VERBOSE" is set, it does not remove the Screen appender.

   add_warnings WARN, WARN, ..
       Takes the given warnings, and stores them away for later reporting.

       Returns the stored warnings, as a list.  This does not clear the list, unlike
       "encoded_warnings" or "decoded_warnings".

       Returns the stored warnings, encoded using Storable.  This also clears the list of stashed

   decoded_warnings URI
       Given the URI to a jifty server with this plugin enabled, retrieves and decodes the stored
       warnings, returning them.  This will also clear the server's stored list of warnings.