Provided by: libjifty-perl_1.10518+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       Jifty::Test::Email - Test mail notification


         use Jifty::Test::Email;

         mail_ok {
           # ... code
         } { from => 'admin@localhost', body => qr('hello') },
           { from => 'admin@localhost', body => qr('hello again') };

         # ... more code

         # XXX: not yet
         mail_sent_ok { from => 'admin@localhost', body => qr('hello') };

         # you should expect all mails by the end of the test


       This is a test helper module for jifty, allowing you to expect mail notification generated
       during the block or the test.


   mail_ok BLOCK HASHREF [, HASHREF ...]
       Executes the "BLOCK", and expects it to send a number of emails equal to the number of
       "HASHREF"s after the "BLOCK".  "ok" in Test::Email is used to check if the messages match
       up to the appropriate hashrefs.


       An END block causes the test to "die" if there are uncaught notifications at the end of
       the test script.