Provided by: kephra_0.4.3.32+dfsg-2_all bug


       Kephra::API::EventTable - API to internal events


       Every routine can subscribe a callback to any event that will than triggered when that
       event takes place. Also extentions (plugins) can do that.  Event ID can also be triggered
       to simulate application events.  Some function do freeze events to speed up certain
       repeating actions (don't forget to thaw after that). Callbacks can also sanely removed, if
       no longer needed.

       Names of Events contain dots as separator of of namespaces.


       ·   EvenID

       ·   CallbackID

           for removing that callback. Must be unique in for this event.

       ·   Callback

           a Coderef.

       ·   Owner

           for removing all callbacks of that owner.

List of all Events


       ·   editpanel.focus


       ·   document.text.change

       ·   document.savepoint

       ·   document.list

       ·   caret.move

       ·   app.close