Provided by: ivtools-dev_1.2.11a1-2_amd64 bug


       KeyMap - activates controls given their keyboard equivalents


       #include <Unidraw/keymap.h>


       KeyMap  supports  keyboard  equivalents,  which allow the user of a Unidraw application to
       execute menu commands or select from a palette of controls by typing rather than  pointing
       and  clicking  with  the  mouse.  The  KeyMap can activate a control given its key code as
       defined by its ControlInfo object.  Only those controls registered with the KeyMap can  be
       activated  through  the  KeyMap.   By default, the Editor base class handles key events by
       having its KeyMap execute the key code.


              Construct a new keymap, initially with no registrants.

       void Register(UControl*)
       void Register(KeyMap*)
       void Unregister(UControl*)
       void Unregister(KeyMap*)
              Register and unregister a control or  another  KeyMap.   Registering  a  KeyMap  is
              equivalent to registering all its registered controls individually.

       void Execute(const char* keyCode)
              Execute  the given key code by activating the corresponding control.  Each UControl
              contains a ControlInfo object that specifies its key code; thus the mapping between
              key  codes  and  controls  is defined by the ControlInfo objects collectively.  Key
              codes among registered controls should be unique.


       ControlInfo(3U), KeyMap(3U), UControl(3U), kybd(3U)