Provided by: aolserver4-dev_4.5.1-16_amd64 bug


       Ns_ConnRedirect - Internally redirect a request to a new local url


       #include "ns.h"

       Ns_ConnRedirect(conn, url)


       Ns_Conn   conn   (in)      Pointer to open connection.

       char      *url   (in)      Pointer to string of local url.


       This  routine  can  be used to internally redirect to a new, local url on the server.  The
       url paramter  specifies  a  path  relative  to  the  server,  i.e.,  without  the  leading
       "http://host:port"  portion.   The  server will reset the Ns_Request structure in the open
       connection pointed to by conn and restart  connection  handling,  including  authorization
       checks.   The result is a standard AOLserver request procedure result code, either from an
       underlying call to Ns_ConnRunRequest or the result of one of  the  authorization  response
       routines such as Ns_ConnReturnForbidden.  Filter callbacks, if any, are not run again with
       the updated connection.

       The Ns_ConnRedirect routine is used internally in the server to  support  the  basic  file
       serving  code  (i.e., "fastpath") to redirect to specific files when a directory is opened
       and by the Ns_RegisterRedirect routine to map standard reponse routines  to  user-provided
       local url's.


       The following example demonstrates redirecting to an ADP help page within a custom C-level
       request callback whenever a ?help=topic query argument is present:

                MyRequest(void *arg, Ns_Conn *conn)
                   Ns_Set *query = Ns_ConnGetQuery(conn);

                   /* Redirect to help.adp for /myrequest?help=topic calls. */
                   if (Ns_SetGet(query, "help")) != NULL) {
                     return Ns_ConnReturnRedirect(conn, "/help.adp");
                   ...  handle non-help requests ...


       Ns_RegisterRedirct(3), Ns_ConnRunRequest(3), Ns_AuthorizeRequest(3)


       connection, redirect