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       Regex::REFlags - Flags for regular expression compilation


       Regex::REFlags< >

     = IgnoreCase()

     | Extended()

     | Multiline()

     | Ungreedy()


       Flags for regular expression compilation

     - IgnoreCase makes the expression case-insensitive (so "^a" would match "All" and "all"

     -  Extended  when set causes whitespace in the pattern (other than in a character class) and
     characters between a '#' outside a character class and the  next  newline  character  to  be
     ignored.  An escaping backslash can be used to include a whitespace or '#' character as part
     of the pattern.

     - Multiline changes the meaning of the start '^' and end '$' characters so that as  well  as
     matching  the  start  and  end  of  the  string,  they will also match immediately after and
     immediately before a newline '\n' character.

     - Ungreedy causes the expression and sub-expressions to find the  smallest  possible  match,
     rather  than the largest possible, unless a '?' is placed after the expression. For example,
     the pattern "a.*a" would match "aca" if ungreedy,  and  "acada"  if  greedy  in  the  string


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       Regex.compile (3kaya)