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       SbClip.h -


       #include <Inventor/lists/SbList.h>
       #include <Inventor/SbVec3f.h>
       #include <stddef.h>

       class SbClip
           The SbClip class is a generic polygon clipper class.

       It is used by first adding all vertices in the polygon, and then clipping against any
       number of planes. If you need to supply additional information per vertex (e.g. texture
       coordinates), you should supply a callback in the constructor, and a pointer to your
       vertex structure in addVertex(). For every new vertex created, the callback is called with
       the line being clipped, including the pointers to your vertex structures and the position
       of the new (clipped against some plane) vertex. You should then create a new vertex
       structure, calculate your data (e.g. a new texture coordinate) and return a pointer to
       this structure. "

       typedef void * SbClipCallback (const SbVec3f &v0, void *vdata0, const SbVec3f &v1, void
           *vdata1, const SbVec3f &newvertex, void *userdata)


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