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       SbProfilingData -

       Data structure for gathering scene graph traversal profiling information.


   Public Types
       enum FootprintType { MEMORY_SIZE, VIDEO_MEMORY_SIZE }
       enum NodeFlag { GL_CACHED_FLAG, CULLED_FLAG }
       enum NodeDataQueryFlags { INCLUDE_CHILDREN = 0x01 }
       typedef void SbProfilingDataCB (void *userdata, const SbProfilingData &data, const SbList<
           SoNode * > &pointers, SbList< int > &childindices, int idx)

   Public Member Functions
       SbProfilingData (void)
       SbProfilingData (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       ~SbProfilingData (void)
       void setActionType (SoType actiontype)
       SoType getActionType (void) const
       void setActionStartTime (SbTime starttime)
       SbTime getActionStartTime (void) const
       void setActionStopTime (SbTime stoptime)
       SbTime getActionStopTime (void) const
       SbTime getActionDuration (void) const
       void setNodeTiming (const SoPath *path, SbTime timing)
       void setNodeTiming (int idx, SbTime timing)
       void preOffsetNodeTiming (int idx, SbTime timing)
       SbTime getNodeTiming (const SoPath *path, unsigned int queryflags=0) const
       SbTime getNodeTiming (int idx, unsigned int queryflags=0) const
       void setNodeFootprint (const SoPath *path, FootprintType type, size_t footprint)
       void setNodeFootprint (int idx, FootprintType type, size_t footprint)
       size_t getNodeFootprint (const SoPath *path, FootprintType type, unsigned int
           queryflags=0) const
       size_t getNodeFootprint (int idx, FootprintType type, unsigned int queryflags=0) const
       void setNodeFlag (const SoPath *path, NodeFlag flag, SbBool on)
       void setNodeFlag (int idx, NodeFlag flag, SbBool on)
       SbBool getNodeFlag (const SoPath *path, NodeFlag flag) const
       SbBool getNodeFlag (int idx, NodeFlag flag) const
       int getIndex (const SoPath *path, SbBool create=FALSE)
       int getParentIndex (int idx) const
       SoType getNodeType (int idx) const
       SbName getNodeName (int idx) const
       int getLongestNameLength (void) const
       int getLongestTypeNameLength (void) const
       int getNumNodeEntries (void) const
       void reportAll (SbProfilingDataCB *callback, void *userdata) const
       void getStatsForTypesKeyList (SbList< SbProfilingNodeTypeKey > &keys_out) const
       void getStatsForType (SbProfilingNodeTypeKey type, SbTime &total, SbTime &max, uint32_t
           &count) const
       void getStatsForNamesKeyList (SbList< SbProfilingNodeNameKey > &keys_out) const
       void getStatsForName (SbProfilingNodeNameKey name, SbTime &total, SbTime &max, uint32_t
           &count) const
       void reset (void)
       SbProfilingData & operator= (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       SbProfilingData & operator+= (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       int operator== (const SbProfilingData &rhs) const
       int operator!= (const SbProfilingData &rhs) const
       size_t getProfilingDataSize (void) const

   Protected Attributes
       SoType actionType
       SbTime actionStartTime
       SbTime actionStopTime

Detailed Description

       Data structure for gathering scene graph traversal profiling information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SbProfilingData::SbProfilingData (void)

   SbProfilingData::SbProfilingData (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       Copy constructor.

   SbProfilingData::~SbProfilingData (void)

Member Function Documentation

   void SbProfilingData::setActionType (SoTypeactiontype)
       Register which type of action we are recording statistics for.

   SoType SbProfilingData::getActionType (void) const
       Return the action type set for this SbProfilingData.

   void SbProfilingData::setActionStartTime (SbTimestarttime)
       Set traversal start time.

   SbTime SbProfilingData::getActionStartTime (void) const
       Return the action start time.

   void SbProfilingData::setActionStopTime (SbTimestoptime)
       Set traversal stop time.

   SbTime SbProfilingData::getActionStopTime (void) const
       Return the action stop time.

   SbTime SbProfilingData::getActionDuration (void) const
       Return the time the action has spent on the traversal that was profiled.

   void SbProfilingData::setNodeTiming (const SoPath *path, SbTimetiming)
       This function calls the index-version of setNodeTiming after having fetched the index.

   void SbProfilingData::setNodeTiming (intidx, SbTimetiming)
       This method sets the timing for a node, as if it was new data to be registered. This means
       that counters of various types are implicitly incremented and similar things. To avoid
       those sideeffects, use offsetNodeTiming, which leaves all the counters alone.

       See Also:

   void SbProfilingData::preOffsetNodeTiming (intidx, SbTimetiming)
       This function will adjust node timings without touching traversal counters.

   SbTime SbProfilingData::getNodeTiming (const SoPath *path, unsigned intflags = 0) const
       Returns the timing for a node.

   int SbProfilingData::getIndex (const SoPath *path, SbBoolcreate = FALSE)
       Return the index of the tail node in the path. If node is not registered, add it and
       return that index.

   int SbProfilingData::getParentIndex (intidx) const
       Return the index of the parent of the node entry at index idx. If entry is a root entry,
       -1 is returned.

   void SbProfilingData::reset (void)
       Remove all stored data.

   SbProfilingData & SbProfilingData::operator= (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       Assignment operator.

   SbProfilingData & SbProfilingData::operator+= (const SbProfilingData &rhs)
       Add profiling data from another data set.

   size_t SbProfilingData::getProfilingDataSize (void) const
       Returns the amount of memory allocated for this data structure.


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