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       SbSphereProjector -

       The SbSphereProjector class is the abstract base class for mapping to spherical surfaces.

       The sphere projectors map 2D points to various surface types based on spherical shapes.


       #include <Inventor/projectors/SbSphereProjector.h>

       Inherits SbProjector.

       Inherited by SbSphereSectionProjector, and SbSphereSheetProjector.

   Public Member Functions
       SbVec3f projectAndGetRotation (const SbVec2f &point, SbRotation &rot)
       virtual SbRotation getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f &point2)=0
       void setSphere (const SbSphere &sph)
       const SbSphere & getSphere (void) const
       void setOrientToEye (const SbBool orienttoeye)
       SbBool isOrientToEye (void) const
       void setFront (const SbBool infront)
       SbBool isFront (void) const
       SbBool isPointInFront (const SbVec3f &point) const
       virtual void setWorkingSpace (const SbMatrix &space)

   Protected Member Functions
       SbSphereProjector (const SbBool orienttoeye)
       SbSphereProjector (const SbSphere &s, const SbBool orienttoeye)
       SbBool intersectSphereFront (const SbLine &l, SbVec3f &result)

   Protected Attributes
       SbBool intersectFront
       SbSphere sphere
       SbBool orientToEye
       SbBool needSetup
       SbVec3f lastPoint

Detailed Description

       The SbSphereProjector class is the abstract base class for mapping to spherical surfaces.

       The sphere projectors map 2D points to various surface types based on spherical shapes.

       See Also:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SbSphereProjector::SbSphereProjector (const SbBoolorienttoeye) [protected]
       Default constructor sets up a sphere at the origin with radius 1.

   SbSphereProjector::SbSphereProjector (const SbSphere &s, const SbBoolorienttoeye) [protected]
       Constructor taking an explicit sphere projection definition.

Member Function Documentation

   SbVec3f SbSphereProjector::projectAndGetRotation (const SbVec2f &point, SbRotation &rot)
       Project the 2D point to a 3D coordinate on the spherical surface, and find the rotation
       from the last projection to this one.

       See Also:
           project(), getRotation()

   SbRotation SbSphereProjector::getRotation (const SbVec3f &point1, const SbVec3f &point2) [pure
       Returns rotation on the projection surface which re-orients point1 to point2.

       Implemented in SbSphereSectionProjector, SbSpherePlaneProjector, and

   void SbSphereProjector::setSphere (const SbSphere &sph)
       Set sphere to project onto.

   const SbSphere & SbSphereProjector::getSphere (void) const
       Returns projection sphere.

   void SbSphereProjector::setOrientToEye (const SbBoolorienttoeye)
       Sets whether or not the projection surface should be oriented towards the eye of the
       viewer. Default is TRUE.

   SbBool SbSphereProjector::isOrientToEye (void) const
       Returns the state of the sphere orientation flag.

   void SbSphereProjector::setFront (const SbBoolinfront)
       Set whether to intersect with the outside of the sphere (infront equal to TRUE), or the

   SbBool SbSphereProjector::isFront (void) const
       Returns value of the flag which decides whether to intersect with the outside or inside of
       the sphere.

   SbBool SbSphereProjector::isPointInFront (const SbVec3f &point) const
       Check if point is on the frontside or the backside of the cylinder.

   void SbSphereProjector::setWorkingSpace (const SbMatrix &space) [virtual]
       Sets the matrix used for converting from the projector's coordinate system to the world
       coordinate system.

       Reimplemented from SbProjector.

   SbBool SbSphereProjector::intersectSphereFront (const SbLine &l, SbVec3f &result) [protected]
       Intersect line with the SbSphereProjector::sphere and place the intersection point (if
       any) in result. Considers setFront() settings.

       Returns TRUE if line actually hits the sphere, FALSE if it doesn't intersect with it.

Member Data Documentation

   SbSphereProjector::intersectFront [protected]
       Flag which says whether or not we should map to the outside or inside of the sphere

   SbSphereProjector::sphere [protected]
       Projection sphere.

   SbSphereProjector::orientToEye [protected]
       Which direction the spherical surface is oriented.

   SbSphereProjector::needSetup [protected]
       Set to TRUE whenever the projection surface needs to be recalculated according to the
       setting of the SbSphereProjector::orientToEye flag.

   SbSphereProjector::lastPoint [protected]
       Stores the previously projected 3D point.


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