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       SoAccumulatedElement -

       The SoAccumulatedElement class is an abstract class for storing accumulated state.

       This is the superclass of elements where new element data accumulates with older data.


       #include <Inventor/elements/SoAccumulatedElement.h>

       Inherits SoElement.

       Inherited by SoBumpMapMatrixElement, SoClipPlaneElement, SoLightElement,
       SoModelMatrixElement, SoMultiTextureMatrixElement, SoProfileElement, and

   Public Member Functions
       virtual SbBool matches (const SoElement *element) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
       static int getClassStackIndex (void)
       static void initClass (void)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void init (SoState *state)
       virtual void push (SoState *state)
       void clearNodeIds (void)
       void addNodeId (const SoNode *const node)
       void setNodeId (const SoNode *const node)
       void copyNodeIds (const SoAccumulatedElement *copyfrom)
       virtual SoElement * copyMatchInfo (void) const
       virtual void captureThis (SoState *state) const

   Protected Attributes
       SbList< uint32_t > nodeIds

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       The SoAccumulatedElement class is an abstract class for storing accumulated state.

       This is the superclass of elements where new element data accumulates with older data.

       The element stores node id values for all nodes accumulated during traversal for the
       current state. These id values are used to determine when to invalidate caches.

       See Also:
           SoReplacedElement, SoFloatElement, SoInt32Element

Member Function Documentation

   SbBool SoAccumulatedElement::matches (const SoElement *element) const [virtual]
       This function returns TRUE is the element matches another element (of the same class),
       with respect to cache validity.

       If the application programmer's extension element has a matches() function, it should also
       have a copyMatchInfo() function.

       Implements SoElement.

       Reimplemented in SoModelMatrixElement.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::init (SoState *state) [protected],  [virtual]
       This function initializes the element type in the given SoState. It is called for the
       first element of each enabled element type in SoState objects.

       Reimplemented from SoElement.

       Reimplemented in SoProfileElement, SoLightElement, SoMultiTextureMatrixElement,
       SoBBoxModelMatrixElement, SoClipPlaneElement, SoGLMultiTextureMatrixElement,
       SoModelMatrixElement, SoBumpMapMatrixElement, SoGLClipPlaneElement, and

   void SoAccumulatedElement::push (SoState *state) [protected],  [virtual]
       This method is called every time a new element is required in one of the stacks. This
       happens when a writable element is requested, using SoState::getElement() or indirectly
       SoElement::getElement(), and the depth of the current element is less than the state

       Override this method if your element needs to copy data from the previous top of stack.
       The push() method is called on the new element, and the previous element can be found
       using SoElement::getNextInStack().

       Reimplemented from SoElement.

       Reimplemented in SoProfileElement, SoLightElement, SoBBoxModelMatrixElement,
       SoMultiTextureMatrixElement, SoClipPlaneElement, SoGLMultiTextureMatrixElement,
       SoModelMatrixElement, SoBumpMapMatrixElement, and SoGLModelMatrixElement.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::clearNodeIds (void) [protected]
       Empty the list of node ids.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::addNodeId (const SoNode *constnode) [protected]
       Add the node id of node to the list of node ids.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::setNodeId (const SoNode *constnode) [protected]
       Empty the list of node ids, and add the id of node.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::copyNodeIds (const SoAccumulatedElement *copyfrom) [protected]
       Convenience method which copies the node ids from copyfrom to this element.

       This function is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original SGI Open
       Inventor v2.1 API.

   SoElement * SoAccumulatedElement::copyMatchInfo (void) const [protected],  [virtual]
       This function creates a copy of the element that contains enough information to enable the
       matches() function to work.

       Used to help with scenegraph traversal caching operations.

       Implements SoElement.

   void SoAccumulatedElement::captureThis (SoState *state) const [protected],  [virtual]
       Adds the element to the cache.

       Reimplemented from SoElement.

Member Data Documentation

   SoAccumulatedElement::nodeIds [protected]
       Stores the internal list of node id values for nodes accumulated on the stack for the


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