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       SoDebug -


       #include <SoDebug.h>

   Static Public Member Functions
       static const char * GetEnv (const char *var)
       static void RTPrintf (const char *formatstr,...)
       static void NamePtr (const char *name, void *ptr)
       static const char * PtrName (void *ptr)
       static void write (SoNode *node)
       static void writeToFile (SoNode *node, const char *filename)
       static void writeField (SoField *field)
       static void printName (SoBase *base)

Detailed Description

       The SoDebug class is a small collection of debugging-related functions.

Member Function Documentation

   const char * SoDebug::GetEnv (const char *var) [static]
       This is a portable getenv-wrapper.

       See Also:

   void SoDebug::RTPrintf (const char *formatstr, ...) [static]
       Real-time printf designed for use when use of standard printf() would cause timing

       NOT IMPLEMENTED. Currently it just forwards to printf().

   void SoDebug::NamePtr (const char *name, void *ptr) [static]
       Associate a name with an arbitrary pointer. You can fetch the name of the pointer later
       with PtrName().

       See Also:

   const char * SoDebug::PtrName (void *ptr) [static]
       Returns the name set on a pointer with NamePtr(). If no name has been set, '<unnamed>' is

       See Also:

   void SoDebug::write (SoNode *node) [static]
       Writes the node to stdout.

   void SoDebug::writeToFile (SoNode *node, const char *filename) [static]
       Writes the node to the given filename, or /tmp/debug.iv if filename is NULL.

   void SoDebug::writeField (SoField *field) [static]
       Not implemented.

   void SoDebug::printName (SoBase *base) [static]
       Not implemented.


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