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       SoGlyph -

       The SoGlyph class is used to generate and reuse font glyph bitmaps and outlines.


       #include <Inventor/misc/SoGlyph.h>

   Public Types
       enum Fonttype { FONT2D = 1, FONT3D = 2 }

   Public Member Functions
       void unref (void) const
       const SbVec2f * getCoords (void) const
       const int * getFaceIndices (void) const
       const int * getEdgeIndices (void) const
       const int * getNextCWEdge (const int edgeidx) const
       const int * getNextCCWEdge (const int edgeidx) const
       float getWidth (void) const
       const SbBox2f & getBoundingBox (void) const
       SbVec2s getAdvance (void) const
       SbVec2s getKerning (const SoGlyph &rightglyph) const
       unsigned char * getBitmap (SbVec2s &size, SbVec2s &pos, const SbBool antialiased) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static const SoGlyph * getGlyph (const char character, const SbName &font)
       static const SoGlyph * getGlyph (SoState *state, const unsigned int character, const
           SbVec2s &size, const float angle)

   Protected Member Functions
       SoGlyph (void)
       ~SoGlyph ()
       void setCoords (const SbVec2f *coords, int numcoords=-1)
       void setFaceIndices (const int *indices, int numindices=-1)
       void setEdgeIndices (const int *indices, int numindices=-1)

Detailed Description

       The SoGlyph class is used to generate and reuse font glyph bitmaps and outlines.

       This class is now obsolete, and will be removed from a later version of Coin.

       SoGlyph is the public interface all text nodes (both built-in and extensions) should use
       to generate bitmaps and outlines for font glyphs. It maintains an internal cache of
       previously requested glyphs to avoid needless calls into the font library.

       Primer: a glyph is the graphical representation of a given character of a given font at a
       given size and orientation. It can be either a bitmap (pixel aligned with the viewport) or
       an outline (polygonal representation) that can be transformed or extruded like any other
       3D geometry. Bitmaps are used by SoText2, while the other text nodes uses outlines.

       Be aware that this class is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original
       SGI Open Inventor v2.1 API.

           Coin 2.0

       See Also:
           SoText2, SoText3, SoAsciiText

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoGlyph::SoGlyph (void) [protected]

   SoGlyph::~SoGlyph () [protected]

Member Function Documentation

   void SoGlyph::unref (void) const
       Should be called when a node no longer will use a glyph. Will free memory used by this
       glyph when it is no longer used by any node.

   const SoGlyph * SoGlyph::getGlyph (const charcharacter, const SbName &font) [static]
       Returns a character of the specified font, suitable for polygonal rendering.

   const SbVec2f * SoGlyph::getCoords (void) const
       Returns coordinates for this glyph.

   const int * SoGlyph::getFaceIndices (void) const
       Returns face indices for this glyph.

   const int * SoGlyph::getEdgeIndices (void) const
       Returns edge indices for this glyph.

   const int * SoGlyph::getNextCWEdge (const intedgeidx) const
       Returns a pointer to the next clockwise edge. Returns NULL if none could be found.

   const int * SoGlyph::getNextCCWEdge (const intedgeidx) const
       Returns a pointer to the next counter clockwise edge. NULL if none could be found.

   float SoGlyph::getWidth (void) const
       Convenience method which returns the exact width of the glyph.

   const SbBox2f & SoGlyph::getBoundingBox (void) const
       Returns the bounding box of this glyph. This value is cached for performance.

   const SoGlyph * SoGlyph::getGlyph (SoState *state, const unsigned intcharacter, const SbVec2s
       &size, const floatangle) [static]
       Returns a character of the specified font, suitable for bitmap rendering. The size
       parameter overrides state's SoFontSizeElement (if != SbVec2s(0,0))

   unsigned char * SoGlyph::getBitmap (SbVec2s &size, SbVec2s &pos, const SbBoolantialiased)
       Bitmap for glyph. size and pos are return parameters. Antialiased bitmap graphics not yet

       Note that this function may return NULL if the glyph has no visible pixels (as for e.g.
       the space character).

       The returned buffer should not be deallocated by the caller.

   void SoGlyph::setCoords (const SbVec2f *coords, intnumcoords = -1) [protected]
       Sets the coordinates for this glyph.

   void SoGlyph::setFaceIndices (const int *indices, intnumindices = -1) [protected]
       Sets the face indices for this glyph.

   void SoGlyph::setEdgeIndices (const int *indices, intnumindices = -1) [protected]
       Sets the edge indices for this glyph.


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