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       SoMFPath -

       The SoMFPath class is a container for paths.

       This field container stores an array of pointers to paths. It takes care of the necessary
       functionality for handling copy, import and export operations.


       #include <Inventor/fields/SoMFPath.h>

       Inherits SoMField.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const
       virtual void copyFrom (const SoField &field)
       const SoMFPath & operator= (const SoMFPath &field)
       virtual SbBool isSame (const SoField &field) const
       SoPath * operator[] (const int idx) const
       const SoPath ** getValues (const int start) const
       int find (SoPath *value, SbBool addifnotfound=FALSE)
       void setValues (const int start, const int num, const SoPath **newvals)
       void set1Value (const int idx, SoPath *value)
       void setValue (SoPath *value)
       SoPath * operator= (SoPath *val)
       SbBool operator== (const SoMFPath &field) const
       SbBool operator!= (const SoMFPath &field) const
       SoPath ** startEditing (void)
       void finishEditing (void)
       virtual void notify (SoNotList *l)
       virtual void fixCopy (SbBool copyconnections)
       virtual SbBool referencesCopy (void) const
       virtual void deleteValues (int start, int num=-1)
       virtual void insertSpace (int start, int num)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void * createInstance (void)
       static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
       static void initClass (void)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void deleteAllValues (void)
       virtual void copyValue (int to, int from)
       virtual int fieldSizeof (void) const
       virtual void * valuesPtr (void)
       virtual void setValuesPtr (void *ptr)
       virtual void allocValues (int num)

   Protected Attributes
       SoPath ** values

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       The SoMFPath class is a container for paths.

       This field container stores an array of pointers to paths. It takes care of the necessary
       functionality for handling copy, import and export operations.

       Note that path pointers stored in field instances of this type may be NULL pointers.

       See Also:
           SoPath, SoSFPath

Member Function Documentation

   SoType SoMFPath::getTypeId (void) const [virtual]
       Returns the type identification instance which uniquely identifies the Coin field class
       the object belongs to.

       See Also:
           getClassTypeId(), SoType

       Implements SoField.

   void SoMFPath::copyFrom (const SoField &f) [virtual]
       Copy value(s) from f into this field. f must be of the same type as this field.

       Implements SoField.

   SbBool SoMFPath::isSame (const SoField &f) const [virtual]
       Check for equal type and value(s).

       Implements SoField.

   const SoPath* * SoMFPath::getValues (const intstart) const [inline]
       \ Returns a pointer to the values array. \

   void SoMFPath::notify (SoNotList *nlist) [virtual]
       Notify auditors that this field has changed.

       Reimplemented from SoField.

   void SoMFPath::fixCopy (SbBoolcopyconnections) [virtual]
       This method is internally called after SoField::copyFrom() during scene graph copies, and
       should do the operations necessary for fixing up the field instance after it has gotten a
       new value.

       The default method in the SoField superclass does nothing.

       The application programmer should normally not need to consider this method, unless he
       constructs a complex field type which contains new references to container instances (i.e.
       nodes or engines). Overriding this method is then necessary to update the reference
       pointers, as they could have been duplicated during the copy operation.

       Reimplemented from SoField.

   SbBool SoMFPath::referencesCopy (void) const [virtual]
       Returns TRUE if this field has references to any containers in the scene graph which are
       also duplicated during the copy operation.

       Note that this method only is valid to call during copy operations.

       See also the note about the relevance of the fixCopy() method for application programmers,
       as it is applicable on this method aswell.

       Reimplemented from SoField.

   virtual void SoMFPath::deleteValues (intstart, intnumarg = -1) [virtual]
       Remove value elements from index start up to and including index start + num - 1.

       Elements with indices larger than the last deleted element will be moved downwards in the
       value array.

       If num equals -1, delete from index start and to the end of the array.

       Reimplemented from SoMField.

   virtual void SoMFPath::insertSpace (intstart, intnumarg) [virtual]
       Insert num 'slots' for new value elements from start. The elements already present from
       start will be moved 'upward' in the extended array.

       Reimplemented from SoMField.


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