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       SoNodeList -

       The SoNodeList class is a container for pointers to SoNode objects.


       #include <Inventor/lists/SoNodeList.h>

       Inherits SoBaseList.

       Inherited by SoChildList.

   Public Member Functions
       SoNodeList (void)
       SoNodeList (const int size)
       SoNodeList (const SoNodeList &nl)
       ~SoNodeList ()
       void append (SoNode *const ptr)
       SoNode * operator[] (const int i) const
       SoNodeList & operator= (const SoNodeList &nl)

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       The SoNodeList class is a container for pointers to SoNode objects.

       As this class inherits SoBaseList, referencing and dereferencing will default be done on
       the objects at append(), remove(), insert() etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoNodeList::SoNodeList (void)
       Default constructor.

   SoNodeList::SoNodeList (const intsize)
       Constructor with a hint about the number of elements the list will hold.

       See Also:
           SoBaseList::SoBaseList(const int)

   SoNodeList::SoNodeList (const SoNodeList &nl)
       Copy constructor.

       See Also:
           SoBaseList::SoBaseList(const SoBaseList &)

   SoNodeList::~SoNodeList ()

       See Also:

Member Function Documentation

   void SoNodeList::append (SoNode *constptr)
       Append ptr to the list.

       See Also:

   SoNode * SoNodeList::operator[] (const inti) const
       Return node pointer at index i.

       See Also:

   SoNodeList & SoNodeList::operator= (const SoNodeList &nl)
       Copy contents of list nl to this list.

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