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       SoPathSensor — sensor class that can be attached to Inventor paths


       SoSensor > SoDelayQueueSensor > SoDataSensor > SoPathSensor


       #include <Inventor/sensors/SoPathSensor.h>

          Methods from class SoPathSensor:

                         SoPathSensor(SoSensorCB *func, void *data)
     void                attach(SoPath *path)
     void                detach()
     SoPath *            getAttachedPath() const

          Methods from class SoDataSensor:

     void                setDeleteCallback(SoSensorCB *function, void *data)
     SoNode *            getTriggerNode() const
     SoField *           getTriggerField() const
     SoPath *            getTriggerPath() const
     void                setTriggerPathFlag(SbBool flag)
     SbBool              getTriggerPathFlag() const

          Methods from class SoDelayQueueSensor:

     void                setPriority(uint32_t pri)
     uint32_t            getPriority()
     static uint32_t     getDefaultPriority()
     virtual void        schedule()
     virtual void        unschedule()
     virtual SbBool      isScheduled()

          Methods from class SoSensor:

     void                setFunction(SoSensorCB *callbackFunction)
     SoSensorCB *        getFunction() const
     void                setData(void *callbackData)
     void *              getData() const


       Path sensors detect changes to paths, calling a callback function whenever the path or any
       node in the path changes. The definition of "in the path" is the same  as  the  definition
       used  when  applying an action to the path — any node that can possibly affect the node at
       the end of the path chain is considered in the path. See the SoPath manual page  for  more
       information on paths.


                         SoPathSensor(SoSensorCB *func, void *data)
          Creation  methods.  The second method takes the callback function and data to be called
          when the sensor is triggered.

          Destroys the sensor, freeing up any memory associated with it after unscheduling it.

     void                attach(SoPath *path)
     void                detach()
     SoPath *            getAttachedPath() const
          The attach() method makes this sensor detect changes to the given  path.  The  detach()
          method  unschedules this sensor (if it is scheduled) and makes it ignore changes to the
          scene graph. The getAttachedPath() method returns the path that this sensor is sensing,
          or NULL if it is not attached to any path.


       SoNodeSensor, SoPathSensor, SoDataSensor