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       SoSTLFileKit -

       SoSTLFileKit is a class for using STL files with Coin.


       #include <ForeignFiles/SoSTLFileKit.h>

       Inherits SoForeignFileKit.

   Public Types
       enum Colorization { GREY, MATERIALISE, TNO_VISICAM }

   Public Member Functions
       virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const
           Returns the type identification of an object derived from a class inheriting SoBase.
           This is used for run-time type checking and 'downward' casting.
       virtual const SoNodekitCatalog * getNodekitCatalog (void) const
       SoSTLFileKit (void)
       virtual SbBool canReadFile (const char *filename=NULL) const
       virtual SbBool readFile (const char *filename)
       virtual SbBool canWriteFile (const char *filename=NULL) const
       virtual SbBool writeFile (const char *filename)
       SbBool canReadScene (void) const
       SbBool readScene (SoNode *scene)
       virtual SoSeparator * convert ()

   Static Public Member Functions
       static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
       static const SoNodekitCatalog * getClassNodekitCatalog (void)
       static void initClass (void)
       static SbBool identify (const char *filename)

   Public Attributes
       SoSFString info
       SoSFBool binary
       SoSFEnum colorization

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual const SoFieldData * getFieldData (void) const
       virtual ~SoSTLFileKit (void)
       void reset (void)
       SbBool addFacet (const SbVec3f &v1, const SbVec3f &v2, const SbVec3f &v3, const SbVec3f
       void organizeModel (void)

   Static Protected Member Functions
       static const SoFieldData ** getFieldDataPtr (void)
       static const SoNodekitCatalog ** getClassNodekitCatalogPtr (void)

   Protected Attributes
       SoSFNode shapehints
       SoSFNode texture
       SoSFNode normalbinding
       SoSFNode normals
       SoSFNode materialbinding
       SoSFNode material
       SoSFNode coordinates
       SoSFNode facets

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       SoSTLFileKit is a class for using STL files with Coin.

       Class for using STL files with Coin. You can use it to read and write STL files, and
       convert back and forth between Open Inventor scene graphs and SoSTLFileKits.

       STL files are 3D models intended for 3D printers, and is a format supported by a wide
       variety of computer-aided design programs. STL models are, because of their intended
       purpose, always representations of solid objects. STL is short for Stereolithography, the
       process used for 3D printing.

       Ordinary STL models do not contain color information. There are, however, two extensions
       to the binary file format for specifying color. Currently neither extension is supported.
       This is caused by lack of sample models using the extensions and will be added as soon as
       such models are found. We have the specs on the extensions, and it should be pretty
       straight-forwards to implement, but we want to get it right at once since we have write
       support (we don't want to inadvertently create a third color extension ;).

       When writing STL files, certain STL model criterias are not enforced by SoSTLFileKit.
       These are:

       · STL models should represent complete solids - it is the user's responsibility to give
         models of solid data to readScene(), and not readScene()'s responsibility to check the
         incoming data.

       · STL models should have all triangles in counterclockwise order. This is not enforced

       · STL models should reside in the positive octant of the coordinate space. This is also
         the user's responsibility to ensure, although adding functionality for translating the
         model should be easy, so it might get implemented.

       Since the color extensions are not supported yet, color information is not collected
       either when converting Open Inventor scene graphs to SoSTLFileKits.

       Be aware that this class is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original
       SGI Open Inventor v2.1 API.

           Coin 3.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoSTLFileKit::SoSTLFileKit (void)

   SoSTLFileKit::~SoSTLFileKit (void) [protected],  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   SoType SoSTLFileKit::getTypeId (void) const [virtual]
       Returns the type identification of an object derived from a class inheriting SoBase. This
       is used for run-time type checking and 'downward' casting. Usage example:

       void foo(SoNode * node)
         if (node->getTypeId() == SoFile::getClassTypeId()) {
           SoFile * filenode = (SoFile *)node;  // safe downward cast, knows the type

       For application programmers wanting to extend the library with new nodes, engines,
       nodekits, draggers or others: this method needs to be overridden in all subclasses. This
       is typically done as part of setting up the full type system for extension classes, which
       is usually accomplished by using the pre-defined macros available through for instance
       Inventor/nodes/SoSubNode.h (SO_NODE_INIT_CLASS and SO_NODE_CONSTRUCTOR for node classes),
       Inventor/engines/SoSubEngine.h (for engine classes) and so on.

       For more information on writing Coin extensions, see the class documentation of the
       toplevel superclasses for the various class groups.

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   const SoFieldData * SoSTLFileKit::getFieldData (void) const [protected],  [virtual]
       Returns a pointer to the class-wide field data storage object for this instance. If no
       fields are present, returns NULL.

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   const SoNodekitCatalog * SoSTLFileKit::getNodekitCatalog (void) const [virtual]
       Returns the nodekit catalog which defines the layout of this class' kit.

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   void SoSTLFileKit::initClass (void) [static]
       Initializes class and registers file identification functions.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::identify (const char *filename) [static]
       Returns wether or not filename is identified as an STL file.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::canReadFile (const char *filename = NULL) const [virtual]
       Checks if this concrete class can read the given file.

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::readFile (const char *filename) [virtual]
       Reads in an STL file. Both ascii and binary files are supported. For binary files, the
       color extensions are not implemented yet.

       Returns FALSE if filename could not be opened or parsed correctly.

       See Also:

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::canWriteFile (const char *filename = NULL) const [virtual]
       Checks if this concrete class can write to the given file.

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::writeFile (const char *filename) [virtual]
       Writes the STL model to an STL file.

       See Also:
           binary, info, canWriteFile, canReadScene

       Reimplemented from SoForeignFileKit.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::readScene (SoNode *scene)
       Converts a scene graph into an SoSTLFileKit. Useful for creating STL files.

       See Also:
           canReadScene, canWriteFile, writeFile

   SoSeparator * SoSTLFileKit::convert () [virtual]
       Converts (if necessary) the internal representation of the foreign file to a pure Coin
       scenegraph. Returns the root node with a refcount of 0.

       Implements SoForeignFileKit.

   void SoSTLFileKit::reset (void) [protected]
       Resets the STL model so it contains nothing.

   SbBool SoSTLFileKit::addFacet (const SbVec3f &v1, const SbVec3f &v2, const SbVec3f &v3, const
       SbVec3f &n) [protected]
       Adds one triangle to the STL model.

       See Also:
           reset, organizeModel

   void SoSTLFileKit::organizeModel (void) [protected]
       Should be called after the STL model is completely set up in the SoSTLFileKit through
       import from a file or from a scene graph. The model will then be optimized for fast

       See Also:
           addFacet, reset


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