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       SoSoundElement -

       The SoSoundElement is used for optimizing audio rendering and for turning off inactive
       SoVRMLSound nodes.


       #include <Inventor/elements/SoSoundElement.h>

       Inherits SoReplacedElement.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual void init (SoState *state)
       virtual void push (SoState *state)
       virtual void pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevTopElement)
       virtual void print (FILE *file) const
           Prints contents of element (not implemented)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
       static int getClassStackIndex (void)
       static void * createInstance (void)
       static void initClass (void)
       static void set (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, SbBool scenegraphhassoundnode,
           SbBool soundnodeisplaying, SbBool ispartofactivescenegraph)
       static SbBool setSceneGraphHasSoundNode (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, SbBool
       static SbBool sceneGraphHasSoundNode (SoState *const state)
       static SbBool setSoundNodeIsPlaying (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node, SbBool
       static SbBool soundNodeIsPlaying (SoState *const state)
       static SbBool setIsPartOfActiveSceneGraph (SoState *const state, SoNode *const node,
           SbBool flag)
       static SbBool isPartOfActiveSceneGraph (SoState *const state)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual ~SoSoundElement ()
       void setDefaultValues ()

   Protected Attributes
       SbBool scenegraphhassoundnode
       SbBool soundnodeisplaying
       SbBool ispartofactivescenegraph

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       The SoSoundElement is used for optimizing audio rendering and for turning off inactive
       SoVRMLSound nodes.

           Coin 2.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SoSoundElement::~SoSoundElement (void) [protected],  [virtual]
       The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void * SoSoundElement::createInstance (void) [static]
       This API member is considered internal to the library, as it is not likely to be of
       interest to the application programmer.

   void SoSoundElement::initClass (void) [static]
       This static method initializes static data for the SoSoundElement class.

   void SoSoundElement::init (SoState *state) [virtual]
       Initializes the element to it's default value.

       Reimplemented from SoReplacedElement.

   void SoSoundElement::set (SoState *conststate, SoNode *constnode,
       SbBoolscenegraphhassoundnode, SbBoolsoundnodeisplaying, SbBoolispartofactivescenegraph)
       Sets the flags.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::setSceneGraphHasSoundNode (SoState *conststate, SoNode *constnode,
       SbBoolflag) [static]
       Sets the sceneGraphHasSoundNode flag.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::sceneGraphHasSoundNode (SoState *conststate) [static]
       The sceneGraphHasSoundNode flag is used to stop the SoAudioRenderAction in SoSeparator and
       SoVRMLGroup nodes for cases where the sub-graph doesn not contain any SoVRMLSound nodes.

       Returns the value of the sceneGraphHasSoundNode flag.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::setSoundNodeIsPlaying (SoState *conststate, SoNode *constnode,
       SbBoolflag) [static]
       Sets the soundNodeIsPlaying flag.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::soundNodeIsPlaying (SoState *conststate) [static]
       The soundNodeIsPlaying flag is currently unused.

       Returns the value of the soundNodeIsPlaying flag.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::setIsPartOfActiveSceneGraph (SoState *conststate, SoNode *constnode,
       SbBoolflag) [static]
       Sets the isPartOfActiveSceneGraph flag.

   SbBool SoSoundElement::isPartOfActiveSceneGraph (SoState *conststate) [static]
       The isPartOfActiveSceneGraph flag is used to make SoVRMLSound that are below inactive
       parts of the scenegraph (i.e. below a SoSwitch or SoLOD node) stop playing.

       Returns the value of the isPartOfActiveSceneGraph flag.

   void SoSoundElement::push (SoState *state) [virtual]
       Calls the superclass' push method. Initializes the element to the default values. Uses
       previous element's isPartOfActiveSceneGraph flag.

       Reimplemented from SoElement.

   void SoSoundElement::pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevTopElement) [virtual]
       Calls the superclass' pop method.

       Reimplemented from SoElement.

   void SoSoundElement::setDefaultValues () [protected]
       Initializes the element to the default values. The default values for the
       sceneGraphHasSoundNode is FALSE. The default value for the isPartOfActiveSceneGraph flag
       is TRUE. the default value for the soundNodeIsPlaying flag is FALSE.


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