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       SoTransformBoxDragger  — box-like object you scale, rotate, and translate by dragging with
       the mouse


       SoBase  >  SoFieldContainer  >  SoNode  >  SoBaseKit  >  SoInteractionKit  >  SoDragger  >


       #include <Inventor/draggers/SoTransformBoxDragger.h>

          Fields from class SoTransformBoxDragger:

     SoSFRotation        rotation
     SoSFVec3f           translation
     SoSFVec3f           scaleFactor

          Fields from class SoDragger:

     SoSFBool            isActive

          Fields from class SoInteractionKit:

     SoSFEnum            renderCaching
     SoSFEnum            boundingBoxCaching
     SoSFEnum            renderCulling
     SoSFEnum            pickCulling

          Parts from class SoBaseKit:

     (SoNodeKitListPart)  callbackList

          Methods from class SoTransformBoxDragger:

     static const SoNodekitCatalog *
                         getClassNodekitCatalog() const
     static SoType       getClassTypeId()

          Methods from class SoDragger:

     void                addStartCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                removeStartCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                addMotionCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                removeMotionCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                addFinishCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                removeFinishCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                addValueChangedCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     void                removeValueChangedCallback(SoDraggerCB *f, void *userData = NULL)
     SbBool              enableValueChangedCallbacks()
     void                setMinGesture(int pixels)
     int                 getMinGesture() const
     static void         setMinScale(float newMinScale)
     static float        getMinScale()

          Methods from class SoInteractionKit:

     virtual SbBool      setPartAsPath(const SbName &partName, SoPath *surrogatePath )

          Methods from class SoBaseKit:

     virtual const SoNodekitCatalog *
                              getNodekitCatalog() const
     virtual SoNode *         getPart(const SbName &partName, SbBool makeIfNeeded)
     SbString                 getPartString(const SoBase *part)
     virtual SoNodeKitPath *  createPathToPart(const SbName &partName, SbBool makeIfNeeded, const
                                   SoPath *pathToExtend = NULL)
     virtual SbBool           setPart(const SbName &partName, SoNode *newPart)
     SbBool                   set(char *partName, char *parameters)
     SbBool                   set(char *nameValuePairs)
     static SbBool            isSearchingChildren()
     static void              setSearchingChildren(SbBool newVal)

          Methods from class SoNode:

     void                setOverride(SbBool state)
     SbBool              isOverride() const
     SoNode *            copy(SbBool copyConnections = FALSE) const
     virtual SbBool      affectsState() const
     static SoNode *     getByName(const SbName &name)
     static int          getByName(const SbName &name, SoNodeList &list)

          Methods from class SoFieldContainer:

     void                setToDefaults()
     SbBool              hasDefaultValues() const
     SbBool              fieldsAreEqual(const SoFieldContainer *fc) const
     void                copyFieldValues(const SoFieldContainer  *fc,  SbBool  copyConnections  =
     void                get(SbString &fieldDataString)
     virtual int         getFields(SoFieldList &resultList) const
     virtual SoField *   getField(const SbName &fieldName) const
     SbBool              getFieldName(const SoField *field, SbName &fieldName) const
     SbBool              isNotifyEnabled() const
     SbBool              enableNotify(SbBool flag)

          Methods from class SoBase:

     void                ref()
     void                unref() const
     void                unrefNoDelete() const
     void                touch()
     virtual SoType      getTypeId() const
     SbBool              isOfType(SoType type) const
     virtual void        setName(const SbName &name)
     virtual SbName      getName() const

          Macros from class SoBaseKit:

     SO_GET_PART(kit, partName, partClass)
     SO_CHECK_PART(kit, partName, partClass)


       SoTransformBoxDragger  is  a  composite  dragger shaped like a box with small cubes at the
       corners. Click and drag any of these cubes to scale the box uniformly. Drag  any  edge  of
       the box to rotate the whole dragger about its center, along an axis parallel to that edge.
       Pick any face of the box for 2D translation in the plane of that face.

       Although the box looks just about like a wireframe cube, it is composed of many  different
       simple  draggers  arranged  in  a  composite  assembly.  When  one  part  is  dragged, the
       transformBox makes sure they all move together.  Each  of  the  parts  of  the  box  is  a
       different   dragger  with  the  default  geometry  changed.  The  faces  of  the  box  are
       SoTranslate2Draggers, the edges are SoRotateCylindricalDraggers,  and  the  cubes  are  an
       SoScaleUniformDragger. Drag them and the dragger will update its translation, rotation and
       scaleFactor fields to reflect the changes. As with all draggers, if you change the  fields
       the dragger will move to match the new settings.

       Remember:  This  is  not  an  SoTransform!.  If  you  want to move other objects with this
       dragger, you can either:

       [a] Use an SoTransformBoxManip, which is subclassed from SoTransform. It  creates  one  of
       these   draggers   and   uses  it  as  the  interface  to  change  its  fields.  (see  the
       SoTransformBoxManip man page).

       [b] Use field-to-field connections to connect the fields of this dragger to those  of  any
       SoTransformation node.

       You can change the parts in any instance of this dragger using setPart(). The default part
       geometries are defined  as  resources  for  this  SoTransformBoxDragger  class.  They  are
       detailed  in  the  Dragger  Resources section of the online reference page for this class.
       You can make your program use different default resources for the  parts  by  copying  the
       file   /usr/share/data/draggerDefaults/transformBoxDragger.iv  into  your  own  directory,
       editing the file, and then setting the environment variable SO_DRAGGER_DIR to be a path to
       that directory.


     SoSFRotation        rotation
          Orientation of the dragger.

     SoSFVec3f           translation
          Position of the dragger.

     SoSFVec3f           scaleFactor
          Scale of the dragger.



     static const SoNodekitCatalog *
                         getClassNodekitCatalog() const
          Returns an SoNodekitCatalog for this class

     static SoType       getClassTypeId()
          Returns type identifier for this class.


       │                            All parts                             │
       │                                                          NULL by │
       │Part Name       Part Type                  Default Type   Default │
       │                                                                  │
       │callbackList    NodeKitListPart            --               yes   │
       │surroundScale   SurroundScale              --               yes   │
       │antiSquish      AntiSquish                 --               no    │
       │scaler          ScaleUniformDragger        --               yes   │
       │rotator1        RotateCylindricalDragger   --               yes   │
       │rotator2        RotateCylindricalDragger   --               yes   │
       │rotator3        RotateCylindricalDragger   --               yes   │
       │translator1     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │translator2     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │translator3     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │translator4     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │translator5     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │translator6     Translate2Dragger          --               yes   │
       │                                                                  │
       │      Extra information for list parts from above table        │
       │                                                               │
       │Part Name      Container Type   Permissible Types              │
       │                                                               │
       │callbackList   Separator        Callback, EventCallback        │
       │                                                               │


       .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxScalerScaler
       .in 0n+.5i
     Part:             scaler.scaler
     Appearance:       Eight small white cubes at the corners of the box
     Description:      Picking this initiates uniform 3D scaling of the dragger.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxScalerScalerActive
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Part:             scaler.scalerActive
     Appearance:       Yellow version of the regular scaler part
     Description:      Displayed while the dragger is being scaled.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxScalerFeedback
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Appearance:       Empty separator
     Description:      Removes   any   feedback  geometry  created  in  the  constructor  of  the

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxScalerFeedbackActive
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Part:             scaler.feedbackActive
     Appearance:       Empty separator
     Description:      Removes any feedbackActive geometry created  in  the  constructor  of  the

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxRotatorRotator
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            rotator1.rotator
     Appearance:       Four white lines along the edges of the box
     Description:      Picking   this   begins   rotational   dragging.  In  each  of  the  three
                         rotateCylindrical draggers, the lines of the rotator part  are  oriented
                         parallel to the axis of rotation.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxRotatorRotatorActive
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            rotator1.rotatorActive
     Appearance:       Four yellow lines along the edges of the box
     Description:      Displayed while the dragger is being rotated

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxRotatorFeedback
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Appearance:       Empty separator
     Description:      Removes   any   feedback  geometry  created  in  the  constructor  of  the

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxRotatorFeedbackActive
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            rotator1.feedbackActive
     Appearance:       Thin purple line through center of box
     Description:      Displayed to show axis of rotation during rotational dragging.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxTranslatorTranslator
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            translator1.translator
     Appearance:       Invisible but pickable square surface
     Description:      Picking these begins 2-D translational dragging within the plane of one of
                         the   sides   of   the   box.   The   invisible   squares   of  the  six
                         translate2Draggers are arranged to form  the  sides  of  the  box.   The
                         squares  are  easy  to discern, although rendered as invisible; they are
                         bounded by the lines of the rotational dragger parts.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            translator1.translatorActive
     Appearance:       Invisible square surface
     Description:      Shown during 2-D translational dragging.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            translator1.xAxisFeedback
     Appearance:       Short thin purple line
     Description:      Only shown if dragger is moving and the axis is a permissable direction of
                         motion.  When  pressing  <shift>,  motion  is  constrained,  and this is
                         displayed only if the primary motion is in the X direction.

                         .in 0n+.5i
     Resource:         transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback
                         .in 0n+.5i
     Parts:            translator1.yAxisFeedback
     Appearance:       Short thin purple line
     Description:      Only shown if dragger is moving and the axis is a permissable direction of
                         motion.  When  pressing  <shift>,  motion  is  constrained,  and this is
                         displayed only if the primary motion is in the Y direction.


       TransformBoxDragger {
          renderCaching                 AUTO
          boundingBoxCaching            AUTO
          renderCulling                 AUTO
          pickCulling                   AUTO
          isActive                      FALSE
          rotation                      0 0 1  0
          translation                   0 0 0
          scaleFactor                   1 1 1
          callbackList                  NULL
          surroundScale                 NULL
          antiSquish                    AntiSquish {
              sizing BIGGEST_DIMENSION }

          scaler                        ScaleUniformDragger {

          rotator1                      RotateCylindricalDragger {

          rotator2                      RotateCylindricalDragger {

          rotator3                      RotateCylindricalDragger {

          translator1                   Translate2Dragger {

          translator2                   Translate2Dragger {

          translator3                   Translate2Dragger {

          translator4                   Translate2Dragger {

          translator5                   Translate2Dragger {

          translator6                   Translate2Dragger {

          scaler.scaler                 <transformBoxScalerScaler resource>
          scaler.scalerActive           <transformBoxScalerScalerActive resource>
               <transformBoxScalerFeedback resource>
          scaler.feedbackActive         <transformBoxScalerFeedbackActive resource>
          rotator1.rotator              <transformBoxRotatorRotator resource>
          rotator2.rotator              <transformBoxRotatorRotator resource>
          rotator3.rotator              <transformBoxRotatorRotator resource>
          rotator1.rotatorActive        <transformBoxRotatorRotatorActive resource>
          rotator2.rotatorActive        <transformBoxRotatorRotatorActive resource>
          rotator3.rotatorActive        <transformBoxRotatorRotatorActive resource>
             <transformBoxRotatorFeedback resource>
             <transformBoxRotatorFeedback resource>
             <transformBoxRotatorFeedback resource>
          rotator1.feedbackActive       <transformBoxRotatorFeedbackActive resource>
          rotator2.feedbackActive       <transformBoxRotatorFeedbackActive resource>
          rotator3.feedbackActive       <transformBoxRotatorFeedbackActive resource>
          translator1.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator2.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator3.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator4.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator5.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator6.translator        <transformBoxTranslatorTranslator resource>
          translator1.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator2.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator3.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator4.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator5.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator6.translatorActive  <transformBoxTranslatorTranslatorActive resource>
          translator1.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator2.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator3.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator4.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator5.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator6.xAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorXAxisFeedback resource>
          translator1.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>
          translator2.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>
          translator3.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>
          translator4.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>
          translator5.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>
          translator6.yAxisFeedback     <transformBoxTranslatorYAxisFeedback resource>


       SoInteractionKit,     SoDragger,      SoCenterballDragger,      SoDirectionalLightDragger,
       SoDragPointDragger,      SoHandleBoxDragger,      SoJackDragger,      SoPointLightDragger,
       SoRotateCylindricalDragger,         SoRotateDiscDragger,         SoRotateSphericalDragger,
       SoScale1Dragger,     SoScale2Dragger,    SoScale2UniformDragger,    SoScaleUniformDragger,
       SoSpotLightDragger,      SoTabBoxDragger,      SoTabPlaneDragger,      SoTrackballDragger,
       SoTransformerDragger, SoTranslate1Dragger, SoTranslate2Dragger