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       SoType.h -


       #include <Inventor/SbBasic.h>
       #include <stdlib.h>
       #include <Inventor/SbDict.h>

       class SbList< Type >
           The SbList class is a template container class for lists.

       SbList is an extension of the Coin library versus the original Open Inventor API. Open
       Inventor handles most list classes by inheriting the SbPList class, which contains an
       array of generic void* pointers. By using this template-based class instead, we can share
       more code and make the list handling code more typesafe. "
   class SoType
       The SoType class is the basis for the run-time type system in Coin.

       Many of the classes in the Coin library must have their type information registered before
       any instances are created (including, but not limited to: engines, nodes, fields, actions,
       nodekits and manipulators). The use of SoType to store this information provides lots of
       various functionality for working with class hierarchies, comparing class types,
       instantiating objects from classnames, etc etc. "


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