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       SoXtSliderSet — base class for Motif-only slider components


       SoXtComponent > SoXtSliderSetBase > SoXtSliderSet


       #include <Inventor/Xt/SoXtSliderSet.h>

          Methods from class SoXtSliderSetBase:

     virtual void        setNode(SoNode *newNode)
     SoNode *            getNode() const

          Methods from class SoXtComponent:

     virtual void            show()
     virtual void            hide()
     SbBool                  isVisible()
     Widget                  getWidget() const
     SbBool                  isTopLevelShell() const
     Widget                  getShellWidget() const
     Widget                  getParentWidget() const
     void                    setSize(const SbVec2s &size)
     SbVec2s                 getSize()
     Display *               getDisplay()
     void                    setTitle(const char *newTitle)
     const char *            getTitle() const
     void                    setIconTitle(const char *newIconTitle)
     const char *            getIconTitle() const
     void                    setWindowCloseCallback(SoXtComponentCB *func, void *data = NULL)
     static SoXtComponent *  getComponent(Widget w)
     const char *            getWidgetName() const
     const char *            getClassName() const


       This class is used as a base class for all editors which use sets of Motif sliders to edit
       fields in an Inventor scene graph node. The editor consists of a number of sliders each of
       which  may change a different value in a field. This class is not meant to be instanced by
       programmers who want to use an editor in a program. It should only be used as a base class
       when designing new editors.

       This  class  has  no public methods. The internal methods deal with managing the layout of
       the subcomponents.


       SoXtSliderSetBase,  SoXtComponent,  SoNode,   SoXtLightSliderSet,   SoXtMaterialSliderSet,