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       SoXtSliderSetBase — abstract base class for Motif-only slider components


       SoXtComponent > SoXtSliderSetBase


       #include <Inventor/Xt/SoXtSliderSetBase.h>

          Methods from class SoXtSliderSetBase:

     virtual void        setNode(SoNode *newNode)
     SoNode *            getNode() const

          Methods from class SoXtComponent:

     virtual void            show()
     virtual void            hide()
     SbBool                  isVisible()
     Widget                  getWidget() const
     SbBool                  isTopLevelShell() const
     Widget                  getShellWidget() const
     Widget                  getParentWidget() const
     void                    setSize(const SbVec2s &size)
     SbVec2s                 getSize()
     Display *               getDisplay()
     void                    setTitle(const char *newTitle)
     const char *            getTitle() const
     void                    setIconTitle(const char *newIconTitle)
     const char *            getIconTitle() const
     void                    setWindowCloseCallback(SoXtComponentCB *func, void *data = NULL)
     static SoXtComponent *  getComponent(Widget w)
     const char *            getWidgetName() const
     const char *            getClassName() const


       This  class is used as a base class for all editors which use Motif sliders to edit fields
       in an Inventor scene graph node. This class is not meant to be  instanced  by  programmers
       who  want  to  use  an  editor  in  a program. It should only be used as a base class when
       designing new editors.

       SoXtSliderSetBase is derived from SoXtComponent, but adds three concepts. First, there  is
       a  node  to  edit.  Second, there are subcomponents. When an SoXtSliderSetBase is shown or
       hidden, so are its subcomponents. (As an example, an SoXtTransformSliderSet is composed of
       many  subcomponents).  Third, an SoXtSliderSetBase has a layout size, which is used to lay
       out the subcomponents.


     virtual void        setNode(SoNode *newNode)
          Sets a new node as the node to be modified by this editor component.

     SoNode *            getNode() const
          Returns a pointer to the node currently being modified by this editor component.


       SoXtComponent, SoXtSliderSet