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       System::getEnv - Get the value of an environment variable.


       String getEnv( String env )


       env The name of the environment variable


       Retrieves the value of an environment variable.

       This  is  often  necessary  in  a  web  application as the web server will set environment
       variables in the program. Some of these headers are set by the server environment,  others
       are  set  based  on  the  current  request  (and  so may be trivially forged by the user's

    ua = getEnv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"); // Contents of User-Agent header
    host = getEnv("HTTP_HOST"); // the IP address of the web server
    user = getEnv("REMOTE_USER"); // the username under HTTP authentication
    ip = getEnv("REMOTE_ADDR"); // the client's IP address

       Environment variables are also useful for command-line programs

    home = getEnv("HOME"); // The user's home directory on Posix systems
    proxy = getEnv("HTTP_PROXY"); // The HTTP proxy to use for outgoing connections

       If the environment variable is not set, the empty String will be returned.


       Kaya standard library by Edwin Brady, Chris Morris  and  others  (  For
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       The Kaya standard library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1 or any later  version)  as
       published by the Free Software Foundation.


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