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       Tk_SetWindowVisual - change visual characteristics of window


       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_SetWindowVisual(tkwin, visual, depth, colormap)


       Tk_Window tkwin (in)                 Token for window.

       Visual *visual (in)                  New visual type to use for tkwin.

       int depth (in)                       Number of bits per pixel desired for tkwin.

       Colormap colormap (in)               New colormap for tkwin, which must be compatible with
                                            visual and depth.


       When Tk creates a new window it assigns it the  default  visual  characteristics  (visual,
       depth,  and  colormap)  for  its screen.  Tk_SetWindowVisual may be called to change them.
       Tk_SetWindowVisual must be called before the window has actually been created in  X  (e.g.
       before  Tk_MapWindow  or  Tk_MakeWindowExist has been invoked for the window).  The safest
       thing is to call Tk_SetWindowVisual immediately after calling Tk_CreateWindow.   If  tkwin
       has  already  been  created before Tk_SetWindowVisual is called then it returns 0 and does
       not make any changes;  otherwise it returns 1 to  signify  that  the  operation  completed

       Note:   Tk_SetWindowVisual  should  not  be  called  if you just want to change a window's
       colormap without changing its visual or depth; call Tk_SetWindowColormap instead.


       colormap, depth, visual