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       al_iphone_program_has_halted - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro_iphone.h>

              void al_iphone_program_has_halted(void)


       Multitasking on iOS is different than on other platforms.  When an application receives an
       ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_SWITCH_OUT  or  ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_CLOSE  event  on  a   multitasking-capable
       device,   it   should   cease   all   activity   and   do   nothing   but   check  for  an
       ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_SWITCH_IN event.  To let the iPhone driver know  that  you've  ceased  all
       activity, call this function.  You should call this function very soon after receiving the
       event telling you it's time  to  switch  out  (within  a  couple  milliseconds).   Certain
       operations,  if  done,  will  crash the program after this call, most notably any function
       which uses OpenGL.  This function is needed because the "switch  out"  handler  on  iPhone
       can't  return  until  these  operations  have  stopped, or a crash as described before can