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       al_open_memfile - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro_memfile.h>

              ALLEGRO_FILE *al_open_memfile(void *mem, int64_t size, const char *mode)


       Returns  a file handle to the block of memory.  All read and write operations act upon the
       memory directly, so it must not be freed while the file remains open.

       The mode can be any combination of "r" (readable) and "w" (writable).  Regardless  of  the
       mode, the file always opens at position 0.  The file size is fixed and cannot be expanded.

       It  should  be  closed  with  al_fclose(3alleg5).   After  the  file  is  closed,  you are
       responsible for freeing the memory (if needed).