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       __attribute__ ((attribute-list))

       attribute-list: attribute<sub>opt</sub>
       attribute-list, attribute<sub>opt</sub>

       attribute: attribute-token

       attribute-token: identifier

       attribute-argument-clause: (
       attribute-argument-list )

       attribute-argument-list: attribute-argument
       attribute-argument-list, attribute-argument

       attribute-argument: assignment-expression


       This section describes the syntax with which __attribute__ may be used, and the constructs
       to which attribute specifiers bind.

       An attribute specifier is of the form __attribute__ ((attribute-list)).

       This syntax is taken directly from GCC but unlike GCC, which allows attributes to be
       applied only to functions, types, and variables, OpenCL attributes can be associated with:

       ·   attributes-types(3clc)

       ·   functionQualifiers(3clc)

       ·   attributes-variables(3clc)

       ·   attributes-blocksAndControlFlow(3clc)

       ·   attributes-blocksAndControlFlow(3clc)

       In general, the rules for how an attribute binds for a given context are non-trivial and
       the reader is pointed to GCC's documentation and Maurer and Wong's paper (See the
       "References" section in the OpenCL specification[1] for details.)


       OpenCL Specification[2]


       attributes-types(3clc), attributes-variables(3clc), attributes-blocksAndControlFlow(3clc),


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