Provided by: libgeomview-dev_1.9.4-4.1_amd64 bug


       bdy - boundary curve finder


       #include "bdy.h"

       Geom *Bdy(Geom *, float prec);


       Bdy()  is  a function which takes a geom as its argument.  The geom is then converted to a
       polylist, which is compressed (See plconsol(3).  Bdy() then counts the number of edges  in
       the  polylist used once and only once, and returns a vector object containing these edges.
       The precision, prec, is used to determine the maximum distance between vertices which  may
       be  considered  identical.   If  the  vertices must have identical coordinates, this value
       should be set to 0.0.  It is generally desirable to set the value somewhat higher to allow
       for round-off error.

       The vector object is always black.


       The  vector  object  is  not  a  particularly  compact  representation of itself, since it
       contains many 2-vertex segments which could be combined into a longer polyline.


       Bdy() is part of the geomutil library; see geomutil(3) for information on how to link your
       program with this library.


       bdy(1), geomview(1), anytopl(3), geomutil(3)


       Celeste Fowler
       The Geometry Center