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       Bundle Classes -

       class SoBundle
           The SoBundle class is the superclass for all bundle classes.
       class SoMaterialBundle
           The SoMaterialBundle class simplifies material handling.

       Every shape node should create (on the stack) an instance of this class and call
       sendFirst() before sending anything to GL. During rendering, send() should be used to send
       material values to GL. "
   class SoNormalBundle
       The SoNormalBundle class simplifies normal handling.

       This class is currently not used in Coin but is provided for API compatibility. "
   class SoTextureCoordinateBundle
       The SoTextureCoordinateBundle class simplifies texture coordinate handling.

       It is unlikely that application programmers should need to know how to use this class, as
       it is mostly intended for internal use. "
   class SoVertexAttributeBundle
       The SoVertexAttributeBundle class simplifies vertex attribute handling.

Detailed Description

       The bundle classes are internal to Coin. The Bundle Classes The bundle classes are mostly
       internal to Coin.


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