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       ct_cover - Common Test Framework code coverage support module.


       Common Test Framework code coverage support module.

       This module exports help functions for performing code coverage analysis.


       add_nodes(Nodes) -> {ok, StartedNodes} | {error, Reason}


                 Nodes = [atom()]
                 StartedNodes = [atom()]
                 Reason = cover_not_running | not_main_node

              Add  nodes  to current cover test (only works if cover support is active!). To have
              effect, this function should be called  from  init_per_suite/1  before  any  actual
              tests are performed.

       cross_cover_analyse(Level, Tests) -> ok


                 Level = overview | details
                 Tests = [{Tag, Dir}]
                 Tag = atom()
                 Dir = string()

              Accumulate  cover  results  over  multiple tests. See the chapter about cross cover
              analysis in the users's guide.

       remove_nodes(Nodes) -> ok | {error, Reason}


                 Nodes = [atom()]
                 Reason = cover_not_running | not_main_node

              Remove nodes from current cover test. Call this function  to  stop  cover  test  on
              nodes previously added with add_nodes/1. Results on the remote node are transferred
              to the Common Test node.



                                        common_test 1.7.4                          ct_cover(3erl)