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       draw_lit_sprite  -  Draws  a sprite tinted with a specific color. Allegro game programming


       #include <allegro.h>

       void draw_lit_sprite(BITMAP *bmp, BITMAP *sprite, int x, int y, int color);


       In 256-color modes, uses the global color_map table  to  tint  the  sprite  image  to  the
       specified  color  or  to  light  it  to  the  level specified by "color", depending on the
       function which was used to build the table (create_trans_table or create_light_table), and
       draws  the resulting image to the destination bitmap. In truecolor modes, uses the blender
       functions to light the sprite image using the alpha level specified by "color" (the  alpha
       level  which was passed to the blender functions is ignored) and draws the resulting image
       to the destination bitmap. The "color" parameter must be in the range [0-255] whatever its
       actual  meaning  is.  This must only be used after you have set up the color mapping table
       (for 256-color modes) or blender functions (for truecolor modes). Example:

          /* Some one time initialisation code. */
          COLOR_MAP global_light_table;
          create_light_table(&global_trans_table, my_palette,
                             10, 10, 60, NULL);
          if (get_color_depth() == 8)
             color_map = &global_light_table;
             set_trans_blender(40, 40, 255, 255);

          /* Lit the cape with a blueish light. */
          draw_lit_sprite(buffer, colored_cape, x, y, 64);


       draw_sprite(3alleg4),      draw_trans_sprite(3alleg4),       draw_gouraud_sprite(3alleg4),
       draw_lit_rle_sprite(3alleg4),        color_map(3alleg4),       set_trans_blender(3alleg4),
       bitmap_mask_color(3alleg4), exblend(3alleg4)