Provided by: libdrawtk-dev_2.0-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       dtk_create_circle_str - Create and modify circular strip


       #include <drawtk.h>

       dtk_hshape dtk_create_circle_str(dtk_hshape shp,
                       float cx, float cy, float r, float thick,
                       const float *color, unsigned int numpoints);


       dtk_create_circle_str()  creates an approximation of a circular strip of radius r centered
       at (cx,cy) using num_points vertices. The radius r is always referred to the outer circle.

       thick represents the thickness of the strip. If thick is negative or greater than  r,  the
       call fails.

       shp and color have the same usage and meaning as for other shape creation function:

        * shp  can  be  used  to modify a previously created shape. If it is non-null, the handle
          will be used to modify the shape referenced by shp.  If shp is NULL, the function  will
          attempt to create a new shape.

        * color  should  point  to  a 4 float array containing a normalized RGBA value (i.e. each
          component is between 0.0 and 1.0).


       In case of success these functions return the handle to  the  newly  created  or  modified
       shape.  If the shp argument is non-null, the handle returned is the same value. In case of
       error, NULL is returned. If thick is negative or greater than r, NULL is returned.