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       Opening/Closing - An XIO handle with the file driver can be created with

       If there is no handle set on the attr passed to the globus_xio_open() call, it performs
       the equivalent of an open() call. In this case, the contact string must contain either a
       pathname or one of stdin://, stdout://, or stderr://. If a pathname is used, that path is
       opened. If one of the schemes are used the corresponding stdio handle is used (retrieved
       with fileno()).

       In either of the above cases, it is most efficient to call the blocking version of
       globus_xio_open(). It is also safe to call within a locked critical section.

       When the XIO handle is closed, the file driver will destroy its internal resources and
       close the fd (unless this fd was set on an attr or converted from one of the stdio


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