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       function::sprint_syms - Return stack for kernel addresses from string




           String with list of hexadecimal (kernel) addresses


       Perform a symbolic lookup of the addresses in the given string, which are assumed to be
       the result of a prior calls to stack, callers, and similar functions.

       Returns a simple backtrace from the given hex string. One line per address. Includes the
       symbol name (or hex address if symbol couldn't be resolved) and module name (if found), as
       obtained from symdata. Includes the offset from the start of the function if found,
       otherwise the offset will be added to the module (if found, between brackets). Returns the
       backtrace as string (each line terminated by a newline character). Note that the returned
       stack will be truncated to MAXSTRINGLEN, to print fuller and richer stacks use print_syms.