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       get_local_id - Returns the unique local work-item ID.

       size_t get_local_id(uint dimindx);


       Returns the unique local work-item ID, i.e. a work-item within a specific work-group for
       dimension identified by dimindx. Valid values of dimindx are 0 to get_work_dim(3clc)() -
       1. For other values of dimindx, get_local_id() returns 0.

       For clEnqueueTask(3clc), this returns 0.


       OpenCL Specification[1]


       workItemFunctions(3clc), clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(3clc), clEnqueueTask(3clc)


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        1. OpenCL Specification
           page 242, section 6.12.1 - Work-Item Functions