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       globus_gass_copy_state_s -


   Data Fields
       globus_i_gass_copy_target_t source
       globus_i_gass_copy_target_t dest
       globus_i_gass_copy_monitor_t monitor
       globus_mutex_t mutex
       globus_i_gass_copy_cancel_status_t cancel

Detailed Description

       The state structure contains all that is required to perform a file transfer from a source
       to a destination.

Field Documentation

   globus_i_gass_copy_target_t globus_gass_copy_state_s::source
       Source information for the file transfer.

   globus_i_gass_copy_target_t globus_gass_copy_state_s::dest
       Dest information for the file transfer.

   globus_i_gass_copy_monitor_t globus_gass_copy_state_s::monitor
       Used for signalling from the various callback functions.

   globus_mutex_t globus_gass_copy_state_s::mutex
       coordinates the modifying of the state, aside from the target structures

   globus_i_gass_copy_cancel_status_t globus_gass_copy_state_s::cancel
       indicates the status of the cancel operation.


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