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       Other GRAM Client Functions -

       void globus_gram_client_debug (void)
       int globus_gram_client_version (void)
       int globus_gram_client_set_credentials (gss_cred_id_t new_credentials)
       const char * globus_gram_client_error_string (int error_code)
       int globus_gram_client_job_contact_free (char *job_contact)
       void globus_gram_client_job_info_destroy (globus_gram_client_job_info_t *info)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

   void globus_gram_client_debug (void)
       Enable GRAM debugging. The globus_gram_client_debug() function enables the displaying of
       internal GRAM debug messages to standard output. Most of the information printed by this
       debugging system is related to errors that occur during GRAM Client API functions. The
       messages printed to standard output are not structured in any way.


   int globus_gram_client_version (void)
       Return GRAM protocol version. The globus_gram_client_version() function returns the
       version of the GRAM protocol understood by this implementation.

           The integer protocol revision.

   int globus_gram_client_set_credentials (gss_cred_id_tnew_credentials)
       Set the default GRAM credential. The globus_gram_client_set_credentials() function causes
       subsequent GRAM operations to use the GSSAPI credential new_credentials. These operations
       include job requests, job signals, callback registration, and job state callbacks. After
       this function returns, the caller must not use the credential, as it may be freed by GRAM
       when it is no longer needed.

           new_credentials New GSSAPI credential to use.

           Upon success, globus_gram_client_set_credentials() returns GLOBUS_SUCCESS. There are
           no error values returned by this fucntion.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS Success

   const char* globus_gram_client_error_string (interror_code)
       Get a description of a a GRAM error code. The globus_gram_client_error_string() function
       takes a GRAM error code value and returns the associated error code string. The string is
       statically allocated by the Globus GRAM Client library and should not be modified or
       freed. The string is intended to complete a sentence of the form '[operation] failed
       because ...'

           error_code The error code to translate into a string.

           The globus_gram_client_error_string() function returns a static string containing an
           explanation of the error.

       References globus_gram_protocol_error_string().

   int globus_gram_client_job_contact_free (char *job_contact)
       Releases the resources storing a job contact string.

           job_contact A job contact string returned in a successful call to
           globus_gram_client_job_request() Free a job contact string

       The globus_gram_client_job_contact_free() function frees a job contact string that was
       allocated by a call to one of the functions in the globus_gram_client_job_request()
       family. The free() function can be used in place of this function. After this function
       returns, the string pointed to by the job_contact parameter has an undefined value.

           job_contact Pointer to a job contact string returned by a GRAM client API function.

           This function always returns GLOBUS_SUCCESS.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS Success

   void globus_gram_client_job_info_destroy (globus_gram_client_job_info_t *info)
       Free memory associated with a globus_gram_client_job_info_t structure.

       The globus_gram_client_job_info_destroy() function frees data pointed
       to by the @a extensions and @a job_contact fields of the
       @a globus_gram_client_job_info_t structure pointed to by the
       @a info parameter.

           info A structure containing data to free.

       References globus_gram_client_job_info_s::extensions, globus_gram_protocol_hash_destroy(),
       and globus_gram_client_job_info_s::job_contact.


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